Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Personal Happiness Pill of the Day: Pastor Manning Sings, Jukes, and Jives as He Proclaims his Support for a White Uprising Against Barack Obama

Pastor Manning is at it again. Now he is siding with white racist Right-wing militia members who want to depose President Barack Obama. In the immortal words of my avatar Fred Sandford, this nigga's crazy!

But you know what? This respectable negro still loves him some Pastor Manning. Can I have an amen?


American Black Chick in Europe said...

OK, so I've been following some of the criticism directed at Obama, including Pastor Manning's. But what I don't get is why exactly is Manning against Obama? I'm guessing he disagrees with Obama's policies, but it kinda comes off as sour grapes (and Mannings comes off as a "birther").

Sigh...I'm so tired of attacks without substance. I'm all for critiquing the President (heck, it's the top job, it comes with the territory) but tossing out baseless accusations with little foundation in fact or reality adds nothing to a constructive debate.

And I notice that Manning's not suggesting any better alternatives to Obama's policies. It's all well and good to criticise, but for f*ck sake back that up with something better.'t Pastor Manning's congregation mostly black? Or am I just completely wrong on this? Bonus points to that impromptu song at the end though...that took me back to my Baptist upbringing (um...the style of singing, not the lyrics).

The Good Reverend Doctor said...

Would you say Pastor Manning is the black version of Stephen Colbert? This clown always makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Manning needs to go back to hell. He is the devil!

RiPPa said...

This nigga said, "I"M JOININ' EM'!!!"

It doesn't get any funnier than that.