Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The King of Blacktown.net Reflects on Women's History Month

Today is the last day of Women's History Month. Accordingly, I wondered aloud this morning, "what are the brothers from Blacktown.net saying about our Nubian sisters during this most important of months?" My question is now answered.

Are sisters really hurting this much? I hope not, because that display was just pathetic and histrionic. Nevertheless, how can you not love the narrator's incisive analysis of the dualism (perhaps walking contradiction) that is the strong black woman/black woman in need of a good black man to support her.

Our narrator is in Kool Moe Dee meets BDP era KRS-ONE mode in this clip. Remember black man, don't let them treat you like King Kong! Never, ever, ever...

Get to the foxholes brothers because we are in a war with White feminism--I didn't get the memo, but then again I am not on the mailing list. Question: our "general" has a thing for Queen Latifah does he not? Second question: would Plato and Socrates agree with the king of Blacktown.net? Third question: just what is so wrong with piss colored hair? Is his objection a function of an aesthetic preference, or has piss colored hair somehow done the mayor of Blacktown.net wrong?

Pastor Manning
will forever remain my personal happiness pill. But, I have to admit that the Church for Men Only does bring me great joy.

Who knows, maybe President Obama will appoint the leader of Blacktown.net to a position in Health and Human Services? But, if the mayor of Blacktown.net takes the job he should tread carefully as not to arouse the ire of our First Lady!


American Black Chick in Europe said...

Wow...those videos definitely win awards for worst editing job EVER. And yeah, I've browsed the Blacktown.net site and it irks the hell out of me. It's incredibly misogynistic. But then again, I'm one of those horrible, educated black women talked about in the videos, so I might be a wee bit biased.

What trips me out about the first video is that because the woman in the video is educated and employed, she's assumed to be a feminist traitor to the black race. Wow...no...words.

And in the second video, I think if I was a black man, I'd have serious issues with being compared to King Kong...

Hmmm...methinks someone has issues with women...Sexism at its best.

Paul Ervin said...

I don't think my woman would go for the "stay knocked up in the kitchen thing"
#1 she is scared to fry stuff

#2 she makes more loot then i do

#3 she make more money than i do.

Jeannette said...

This man needs a hug.. and some good loving..might calm him down some..and since when was the media a good source for truthful information about black people?
For the record...I am all about the rhythm of creation and gender roles.. men have their place and so do women..balance is helpful..but this cat is a bit off..
and what's up with the lynching pics?

Vee (Scratch) said...

I can't even begin to critique blacktown.net or these videos because they're kind of hilarious.
Do they have issues? Yeah, sure. Can I imagine some men shaking their heads saying "mmmm, hmmm"? Yeah, sure!

I really wonder how this cat felt about his mother when he was 7, 10, 16 and 25 years old?

Noooo, the D.I.Y editing is soooo bootleg that is makes the message more hilarious.

This brother need more than just a hug. What's up with the photographs of the weightlifters??

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

I think that is the genius of these videos they are so ridiculous, but so oddly compelling.

Precisely because one can imagine some brothers and others in the barbershop seconding the mayor's wisdom.

chauncey devega

Unknown said...

this is one of the best website it will be on my own mind forevah!!!!! i was raised with a feminist mind no educated mother and i love her but then i told her shes sick minded and a diabetic. i was sinked into her feminist single mother activities and she was closed to live as a lesbian with a woman who wears men's clothes. yes, how digusting. my brother and i tried to tell that she has no respect for us since she brought a drunk name richard aytch and become a single mother. yes, i was castrated by she feminstical negative talk,like i dont have a heart like the tin man. i have a father but he always care is money. that is why i really need someone to take care for. i havea sister,for which i dont want a sister,because of mother's real perverse sinnings. i was this close to be a lesbo wehen i become a femnist for 16 hellish years and that is not funny. i thanked the mayor for opening blackltown.net because without connecting the truth with the lord jesus i would have hate on every man,including my brother,now i do love him. he was 'castrated' by dad and moms feminist talking.thanks da' mayor and blacktown.net i do have a strong black father who taught me about financial reasonings,but he's not a great dad that you look up to. i love you blacktown-black men in general,stand up ! nicoled. goldsboro,nc

Unknown said...

thank you blacktown.net for making a man into a real black man. i missed my father but i wish if every black child will feel if they dont have a father in the home? thanks da mayor!!!!!!!@

Anonymous said...

Oddly enoght, this dudes speaking the truth