Friday, October 10, 2008

Updated-We Now Have a Name for John McCain's Tom Negro Supporter-James T. Harris

We can now move forward with vigorous speed. As featured in today's Washington Post, the boot licking, lapdog who so vocally supported McCain during a rally earlier this week is a radio talk show host by the name of James T. Harris. He is a "motivational" speaker and also a radio host on 620 WTMJ Milwaukee. Of course, he is selling himself by being the token black conservative cast in the mold of Ken Hamblin. Mr. Harris's most recent proclamations have included calling for the closing of Milwaukee's Black Holocaust Museum because it should not have access to public monies and it also symbolizes black "self-segregation." Typical Tom behavior. Even more troubling, his parents named him closely after the great, and respectable, white ally to negro people Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame. Sad, so sad.

I hereby resubmit my form for his discommendation, updated appropriately:

I propose that James T. Harris should suffer discommendation from the tribe of respectable negroes for the the following reasons:

___ Driving Miss Daisy

X Bagger Vancing

X Clarence Thomas Lap Dogging

___ O.J.'ing

___ Blatant Victomology a.k.a. the Jesse Jackson Offense

X Black Lap Dogging before a Conservative Audience

X Consistent and Chronic Lack of Race Pride

X Cooning and Lawn Jockeying a.k.a the Crime of Committing the Flava Flav

As a senior member of the We Are Respectable Negroes leadership council, I need the agreement of one other founding member, and the votes of 5 other members of the respectable negro tribe (or alternatively, 4 lifetime members and one white honorable ally) to complete the expulsion of James T. Harris. If I have indicated the incorrect offense, or if James T. Harris should suffer discommendation because he has instead violated some other unstated and auxiliary regulation not listed above, please indicate this discrepancy according to our established rules and procedures.

As per our procedures we will notify James T. Harris of his expulsion. In addition, all respectable negro friends and allies should query Mr. Harris on his website regarding his lack of race pride and cowardly behavior.

Respectfully submitted,

Chauncey DeVega


Anonymous said...

I'm in favor and I shout "Aye!"

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

thanks you miss nikki! we need a few more votes from the community. make sure to circulate our petition to kick this fool out of the tribe so we can summarily notifiy him of his expulsion!

chauncey devega

Unknown said...

I am in agreement. Kick him out!!!!!! This is an honor, my first actual "black folks meeting". I am part of making the broad generalize concensus that all of us think alike and all have the same views. I thought it was a myth white people fell into, but now I got in the meeting. I am excited.

Seriously though, I don't understand the black conservatives.

chaunceydevega said...

Yes, we have been meeting in secret all these years. I know Zora supports this move, so we just need to get 3 more votes from the tribe of respectable negroes so please ask your friends to vote. And yes, we are going to email/snail mail him and the radio station our proclamation.

Nice to see you here miss siditty we enjoy your work.


SouthernGirl2 said...

Kick him to the curb!

Liza Cowan said...
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Anonymous said...

Definitely kick him to the curb. This was just above and beyond.

Nardwilly said...

Mr. Harris is not respectable. Does he have any cousins? You know most of us have some cousins and/or friends to help us stay in touch. Where were his cousins.

Oh well, too late. Kick him out.

chaunceydevega said...

We will issue our official proclamation very soon.

@nardwilly, you know I bet he probably doesn't stay in touch with his own people as they are too much a reminder that he is black.


Anonymous said...

From the Council Of Nice Jewish Lesbians, count me in as an ally.

Dissident Sister said...

You have another co-signer here! His card needs to be stamped INVALID, effective yesterday.

gordon gartrelle said...

Your derision only fuels these people. They already think that they're special. They fancy themselves free thinkers surrounded by bamboozled (or backward) black rabble. They love to argue that they are persecuted for their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

He might think he's been bamboozled but since that nigger ain't got no shame I sure hope he's got a sense of humor. To quote Evilene from the Wiz tell that GOP turncoat to BE GONE .

Zora said...

Black folks have always embraced a range of political opinion. I say we kick him out not for his conservative beliefs, but for his self-serving, boot-licking.

Invisible Hand said...

I agree with Zora. I support the diversity of ideas, but the looked like a plant if I EVER saw one. It's one thing to speak your beliefs... it's another thing to be a paid token black voice.