Friday, October 10, 2008

African American McCain-Palin Supporters are the New Garbage Pail Kids

The McCain camp is really digging deep in its Rolodex to find these Black conservatives: there is probably a list of names kept in a file akin to Who's Who in America's High Schools, and it is affixed with the label "break in case of dire emergency."

As I have said many a times, I just don't get these folks. Do you? Palin wouldn't pee on a black person if they were on fire (she has that pwt with a little bit of money smugness about her) and McCain was a second away from calling Obama "boy" during the debate (instead he substituted "that one" in its place). So why claim loyalty to, and membership in, the Republican Party?

Do they grow these folks somewhere? Is there a cabbage patch or pumpkin patch somewhere from which the GOP harvests these black Republican knuckledraggers? Do they get scared for their safety at the Palin-McCain rallies? Or do they feel like they have a special we are one second away from being the colored class/collaborators/nouveau over-seers/slave catchers in the New World Order pass from the Right?

Who knows? Maybe these collaborators can be purchased at a discount from the irregular sized clothing bin at TJ Maxx (Marshall's and Filene's Basement are too high rent for them). Perhaps they find them in an alley or refuse pile? Behold! black McCain-Palin supporters, a sad and cast off group of misfits who are desperate for attention and affirmation--the Garbage Pail Kids of the 21st century:


Unknown said...

That man on the left was on crack. His arguments on why he is voting republican are weak at best. If democrats are for the poor, why are there still poor people? Really. He thinks that is his argument for why he and others need to vote republican. I really hate the brother believes that black people are voting for Obama because he is black. Black people tend to vote democratic, no matter what the race of the candidate. I am scared of the McCain is proven argument too. Seriously proven what, that he has no intention of voting for anything that most people would agree with. That corporate welfare is the way to go.

Unknown said...

3 things:

1) if the democrats are for the poor, why are there still poor?"

HUH? faulty ass logic, man.

2) the host was HILARIOUS when he led up to saying "sellout". classic comedy.

3) these dudes clearly want attention and/or to be different.

i get it. you get tired of people assuming that they know who you are/what you'll want based on the fact that you're black - especially when you're in an all white or predominantly white environment (hi, ivy league uni!).

"mmmm...look at that fresh watermelon - i KNOW you want some!"


"that tupac movie is coming on tonight - i KNOW you're watching it!"

but get over it. i do love watermelon. and i voted for obama.

so did most people who have actually listened and read.

sure, some folks chose him just because he's black. then again, some folks chose mccain just because he's white. and the world keeps turning.