Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Think I Know What is Going on--The Niggaro Universe is Flooding Into Our Own

The last broadcast on the news said something about multiverse theory. These are the moments where I am thankful that I am such a geek.

Apparently, theoretical physicists have long known that there are all these universes overlapping one another. This isn't really a new idea, we just could never prove it.

Normally, you can't see or interact with these multiple universes except for those vague shadows you sometimes see--you know those shadow people--out of the corner of your eye or for the random sense of de ja vu we all sometimes get. We know something is there but we can't process it...and it can't hurt us. Now, the Hadron Collider has torn open a hole between our universe and another one. The scientists are turning off the Hadron Collider. And they are also using some type of heavy proton beam to accelerate their closing of the rift. But, the catch is that it won't close for a few days at least.

Damn, I hope we can all stay calm long enough for reality to come back to normal.

It seems that the effects are not consistent across the Earth. They seem to be related to our proximity to the Hadron Collider. In Europe things are totally crazy with knights and such running around downtown London. Vikings have apparently been sighted in the North Atlantic. In the U.S., the effects are more random and sporadic for now. But, the authorities are saying the entire world will be impacted by the "Hadron Wave" in a few hours. Let's just hold our breath and try to get through this together.

From what I can figure out from the signals we have received from the different tv stations in the reality that is overlapping ours (that reality knows something is up as well, their Earth is called "Niggaro" and they are as freaked out by this as we are), things are similar but also different. We all exist, but we may change somehow, or be influenced by our peers in the parallel universe. The rules as I have figured out are that most things are the same, so if we stay cool we should be fine. I am concerned because one of the scientists on the EBS said that the Niggaro universe has more dark matter so it may actually overwrite our reality for a time until things equalize and return to normal.

I am deeply disturbed by what I have discovered so far:

1. Obama is a white Republican named O'Bama;
2. Palin is a black woman who is a Democrat;
3. Biden is still the same, but instead is a Republican;
4. McCain is a maverick, populist Democrat.

This is going to be a wild ride...may God have mercy on us all.

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