Friday, September 26, 2008

How Many Ways Can You Say "Black" without Saying Black-Update 1

Our ways of saying "Black" without saying "black" list is growing faster than we expected. So I will have to amend my over-under prediction of 15/25, I say we are looking at 30/35 because I am surprised that we have so many names and phrases thus far, but I remain unconvinced that we will find many more. Are you up to the challenge?

So, thus far we have:

1. Urban
2. Ghetto
3. Disadvantaged
4. Assailant
5. Children in under-resourced schools
6. Those people
7. Defendant
8. Underprivileged
9. Inner city/Center city residents/City residents
10. Section 8 recipients
11. Public housing residents
12. Gang members/Gang affiliated/Gang Bangers
13. Diverse
14. Lower Income
15. Home boys/Homies
16. Community Organizer
17. Good dancer
18. Unwed mothers
19. Deadbeat Dads
20. Criminal Element
21. Baby Mothers/Fathers
22. Welfare Recipients
23. Hip-hop Community
24. Felon
25. Convict
26. Rapper


Jim Eikner said...

Athletic Quarterback

Anonymous said...

those/you people

ohkeedoke said... or brotha/sista?...yo's?...

Anonymous said...

cristal/moet/patrone poppers
Hair stylists
Stars of the 1st 48 (Homicide investigation show on A&E)
Baby machines
middle passage survivors

Need I add more?

Anonymous said...

over comers
middle passage survivors
hair stylists
patrone/moet/cristal poppers
iced out chain wearers