Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Communal Project: We are Respectable Negroes and Free Darko Present the All Time Presidential Candidate One on One 21 Tournament

We respectable negroes like making friends.

Accordingly, Gordon has come up with a devious, and ingenious exercise with our colleagues at Free Darko:

Welcome to the All-Time Presidential Candidate one-on-one 21 Tournament, a singular event over 150 years in the making. What makes this tournament so special? All of the participants ran for president either as Democrats or as Republicans (a criteria that has rankled a number of 3rd party candidates). Many of the participants actually made it to the White House, but some never even made it out of their party’s primaries. The games are governed by standard 21 rules: maximum 3 free-throws after a made basket, players go back to 11 if they score more than 21 points, no out of bounds, only blatant fouls, traveling, and double dribbles called.

Good stuff huh? Presidential candidates fighting it out in a NCAA style tournament--I wish our real electoral politics were as exciting. The first round has just concluded. Were there any surprises or upsets? Who will be Cinderella story? What candidates are the "dark horses"--I love that word by the way--Did they rise to victory?

And for those of you not in the know, if you like us respectable negroes, you are probably going to love Free Darko.

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