Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Randomness Inspired by a Right-wing Sewer Dweller: Why I Consider It a Complement to be Called "Blacula". An Interview with the Amazing William Marshall

It is so hot here in Chicago that INSERT PHRASE

Please help me out, so I can include the joke in this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show that I am in the process of editing.

I appreciate a good bon mat, turn of phrase, or entertaining dig. I usually don't give Right-wing sewer dwellers any attention, but one of them made a pretty funny observation in response to my recent interview with Ring of Fire TV about the Right-wing hate media.

Said Right-wing urinal cake eater said that I was "Blacula". He or she likely does not realize that they gave me a complement.

I laughed because outside of his role in that exploitation flick, few folks know of William Marshall's amazing acting and stage presence. If I can channel 1/10th of his gravitas and intellectual weight, I would consider myself lucky.

Do you have any tales of unintentional complements meant as insults that make you smile? Great actors or actresses who are known for one genre/niche role, but who deserve(d) a much broader mainstream audience and appreciation.

And just because I can as the proprietor of this online salon, here is a fun bonus treat that should send shivers down your spine and a punch to your soul.

Sir Ian McKellan reads a passage from Shakespeare's Sir Thomas More on the Marc Maron Show:

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