Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Semi-Open Thread: The Execution of the Black Man Sam Dubose by the White Thug Cop Ray Tensing

I made a promise to not share videos of people being killed by America's out of control neo slave patrollers here on or to otherwise circulate them online.

I will make an exception for the video of Sam DuBose being shot in the head without cause by a murderous thug cop named Ray Tensing.

Dubose was killed in a summary execution. Ray Tensing committed an act of extra-judicial murder.

As I often ask in these moments, when America's police's habit of killing people because they can, come to light through videographic and other means, how many other Sam Duboses are there in the United States?

I am still collecting my thoughts on the matter (I had a piece ready to share here on Black Lives Matter and surveillance, but will delay it; I also wrote a short essay after watching the video that will appear here in short notice).

As I was flummoxed in response to the white racial terrorist mass murder Dylann Roof's deeds in South Carolina, how can black folks offer their forgiveness so fast to those who kill and hurt us without fear or shame?

To wit. Samuel Dubose's mother said in a press conference earlier today that, "I can forgive him. I can forgive anybody. God forgave us."

This is unfathomable to me. Is this learned behavior from a black church tradition that has done more harm than good to the critical thinking of black people? How can black Americans demand respect when we are so quick to forgive those who do us harm, where black Americans are denying ourselves our own human right to feel, to be angry, to seek justice, vengeance, and blood payment?

What are your thoughts on this latest episode in the black necropolis in the Age of Obama? Will there be a local uprising? What will our young lions do?

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