Monday, July 27, 2015

Sharing My Recent Appearance on Ring of Fire TV: The Fox News Right-wing Hate Machine White Supremacist Nexus

As is my habit of sharing and soliciting suggestions, complaints, insights, or other observations, here is my guest appearance on Ring of Fire TV last week.

The Right-wing hate media is expansive--it includes the mainstream Fox News hate media and also more open and honest white supremacist websites. I am increasingly concerned that the average American has no idea that Fox News and the Right-wing echo chamber have been mainstreaming "old fashioned" white supremacist narratives and talking points under the cover of "fair and balanced".

The result? The weaponization of the Right-wing American public.

Right-wing domestic terrorism can be directly connected to the Fox News hate media. Dylann Roof, John Russell Houser, and others of that ilk are the hell spawn of Right-wing media epistemic closure.

Farron Cousins and I talk about those issues, and also pivot for a brief discussion of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, Bernie Sanders, and their disruption of last week's Netroots Nation meeting.

I think this was a good appearance. I have slowed down my cadence significantly since I first began doing TV spots last year. I also feel more comfortable being expressive and pivoting to different subject matter as necessary. Forward borrow from a friend of Chauncey

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