Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Funny: Agustus the IV, My New Favorite Black Conservative Slave Catcher

I have been watching this character for some time and he brings me joy. Oh the Internets is great for allowing folks their five minutes of fame.

I am a bit offended though that he would dare to wield the very same replica samurai sword from Kill Bill that I have in my bedroom. Bad look on his part.

Wouldn't a talk show with Pastor Manning, this black Conservative black garbage pail kid, and Alan Keyes be worthy of an Emmy?


Mod Lumpkin said...

Ummm,can someone tell this slavecatcher that they're going to throw THEM(this idiot,Steele,Ron Christie and others)overboard first!!! SMH!!!!

RiPPa said...

These Negro Enablers are a trip, aren't they?