Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Much is Michael Steele's Soul Worth After Excusing Away the Racism of the Tea Baggers Who Assaulted John Lewis?

Steele rejected the notion that the incident may make any association with the Tea Party Movement a danger.

"It's not a danger," Steele told NBC's "Meet the Press on Sunday." "It's certainly not a reflection of the movement or the Republican Party when you have idiots out there saying stupid things."

Folks are quite rightly upset by the Tea Baggers in Washington D.C. hurling of racial epithets at civil rights icon Representative John Lewis and calling Barney Frank a "faggot." The Tea Party health care brigades were thorough as they also spat upon and threatened other members of Congress.

What befuddles me about this episode is how some folks seem surprised and shocked by the Tea Baggers dropping their mask and showing us who they have always been. As I said before, these are a bunch of neo-John Birchers whose grandparents were likely members of the Klan or White Citizens' Councils (the younger members of the tea bag cadre were likely more benign as they merely threw rocks at black school children trying to integrate schools in places like Boston). So please, spare me the gasps at their foul behavior. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, "White trash is as White trash does."

What I find more interesting, not so much as it is a surprise, but it begs a question, is how Michael Steele, Chairman of the GOP can continue to support this movement? Once more, Black Conservatives vex me: you have one more instance in a clear pattern of abusive and racially reactionary behavior by the neo-populist Palin Tea Party Right wing and the titular head of the (Black) Republican establishment continues to make excuses.

In centuries past, the Michael Steele's of the world would have been harbor masters at the docks of Goree Island directing the slave ships into and out of port with their cargoes of human gold. Why? For a pat on the back, and a little hope that they will get to ride on the top of the ship with the slavers and not in its hellish bowels. To illustrate the point, here is one of the masters to whom Mr. Steele is beholden:

Pray tell Mr. Steele, how much is your soul worth? Did you sell it to the Devil for 50 dollars? Did you sell it for a million? One of my mentors jokingly told me that if you want to be rich become a Black Conservative and write a crappy book. I suspect that his words have never been more true.

Michael Steele what is the price for your self-respect? For black conservatives, when will you publicly denounce the Tea Party? Are you ashamed of Michael Steele's excuse making? What more will it take for you to say "not in my name?"

From Fox News (so you know it must be true) here is an account of the Tea Party love fest in D.C. on Saturday. As is my tradition, here is the Vox populi aka the peanut gallery...once more the rabble makes clear the depths of their stupidity and bigotry:

Totally fake. Those racial slurs were made by dems pretending to be tea party attendees. Dems can only win when they cheat, they can only succeed with their plans when the steal and lie. How do they sleep at night? Pray they will have a day of judgement soon.--kate999

Representative Rangel draws attention to himself through his comments. There certainly are African-Americans involved in the Tea Party. He's either not watching or is in denial. This isn't about race, it's about taxes and spending. The fact that Rep. Lewis may have been targeted for his past history with the Civil Rights movement raises another suspicion that this was an orchestrated attack designed to discredit the Tea Party movement and make a race concern out of a "tax and spend" issue. These red flags just keep popping up.--mdm12

Typical Democrat trick used over and over again. It is really getting old. Remember these Progressives and their fellow travelers will stop at nothing as they believe that the end justifies the means.--munimula

While it is true that almost anyone is capable of almost anything, it is hard to accept that people who align themselves with the Tea Party movement would in that way. Especially after the very large public gatherings a few months ago. I would not be surprised if those who behaved badly were planted there in order to cast a negative on the Tea Party and the Repulican party.--rodz1

Is this report confirmed? If so, it should be condemmed. I would bet money that it is a Dem plant though... I don't put anything past these guys. They (Dems) are as crooked as a dog's leg.--raketenmann

Enough coverage of this bogus BS. It was yet another SEIU set up. No one but the hard left is falling for it.

glad to see that most posters realize that the so called slurs were probably a plant by SCIU or union thugs. The media dreams that they really happened because everything to them is about the glorius stuggle against the evil white man. These femmy media phonies always ignore hate crimes commited againsy white people.It probably turns these white media fairies on that hate crimes are ignored when their against anyone with there mommas skin color. When they cannot win an aguement they scream, racist sexist anti gay, so I tell these squeeling white fem boys fly away.--daniel7778

I awould like to think these racial slurs are from plants thrown in by those wanting to give a negative image to we Tea Party Patriots. Too many people do not understand the integerity of the most of those involved in the local Tea Party groups. I feel this type of outbursts are not from our people--kdwain

Only a democrat would make a racial slur.--tomos

Is this what is necessary to get the press to report on the massive Tea Party movement? If it's anything negative, even unsubstantiated, it gets reported? I agree with the other posters who have made comments such as, "IF THERE WERE RACIAL SLURS SAID, IT WAS PROBABLY A PAID UNION PLANT THUG."--americanadian

Please stop hiding behind supposed racial predjudice.--loisdad


American Black Chick in Europe said...

What really irks me about the comments from the Tea Party crowd is so few people seem to be outright condemning the fact that racial/homophobic slurs were thrown at members of Congress. Instead of crying "They're Dem/Progressive plants!", how about "This behavior is abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable. We will not tolerate racism or homophobia in the Tea Party movement."

Oh wait, I know why they can't say it. Because too many folks in the Tea Party *do* support racism and homophobia. I'm not terribly anti-big government, but if I was, I would be pretty pissed off if my movement was being hijacked/shown in a bad light by dumbasses.

Cobb said...

When a district attorney files charges of assault, I will support the charges. Support your local police. If there's no crime, then it's just blather.

Can you handle six pounds of racism?