Friday, August 18, 2017

A Special Episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show: Analyzing the White Supremacist Violence in Charlottesville

This week's special episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show examines the white supremacist terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia which took place last week.

The first guest is Adele Stan. She is a journalist for The American Prospect. Her work has also appeared at Alternet. Adele was present in Charlottesville during the "Unite the Right" hate festival and shares her first person account of what transpired there.

The second guest is "James" from the leading antifascist, anarchist, and human rights information clearing house and website "It's Going Down". James has been tracking the white supremacist and other fascist organizations who ran amok in Charlottesville. He explains their connections, funding, if the "Unite the Right" hate festival was a success, and the role of physical active resistance in standing against fascists and their allies.

The third guest is Amanda Marcotte. She is a politics and culture writer for the online magazine Salon. Amanda shares her thoughts about resistance and non-violence in the aftermath of Charlottesville, as well as Trump's statements about white supremacist violence.

The fourth guest is Tim Wise. He is one of the United States' leading anti-racism activists and scholars. Tim reflects on the role of white privilege in the white supremacist political violence and mayhem in Charlottesville, toxic white masculinity and the white supremacist movement, how last weekend's events were very predictable, and white folks' denial about the dangers posed by the so-called "alt-right".

The fifth guest is Dr. David Reiss. He is a psychiatrist who has written extensively about Donald Trump. Dr. Reiss also a chapter in the forthcoming book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President which attempts to assess Trump's mental health. Dr. Reiss offers his suggestions about maintaining one's sense of self and wellness in the aftermath of the terrorism in Charlottesville. He also provides some insights about the mental health of the white supremacists and other fascists who attended the "Unite the Right" hate festival and carnival of thugs.

During this week's episode, Chauncey implores white Americans to clean up their own house and to finally confront the deep sickness of racism and white supremacy that ran amok in Charlottesville--as well as the broader problem that is Trump's cabal and political cult.

This week's episode on the white supremacist terrorism in Charlottesville can be downloaded from Libysn and also listened to here.

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