Monday, March 20, 2017

The Postmodern President Will Survive: Donald Trump vs. James Comey and the FBI

James Comey testified to Congress today about the FBI's investigations of Donald Trump. Apparently, Trump's treasonous cabal has been the subject of an active investigation since at least July of last year. Yet, Comey--a Republican--chose to publicly discuss the non-scandal involving Hillary Clinton's emails and thus influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Trump's Russia connection? Silence and an active effort to force the American news media to not discuss the matter.

Trump's smear of Barack Obama and the claim that our outgoing real president was spying on the clown prince usurper? Comey says Trump is wrong--but apparently not lying. Such strong and accurate language is never to be used to describe Donald Trump it seems. The Democrats are pressing the issue of Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election. The Republicans are obsessed with "leaks" as opposed to how a foreign country now has assets in the White House. Fox News continues its brainwashing operation. That disinformation outlet's headlines? Yup. Hysteria about "leaks" and not about Putin.

Trump will survive. His cadre will continue their effort to destroy the United States government from within unabated. He is a post modern president. Truth no longer applies. The BBC had a great short video on this new reality and how a framework developed to speak back to and undermine Power has now been repurposed in service of it.

Thoughts or predictions about Comey, Trump, and what comes next?

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