Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sorry Van Jones, There was Nothing "Presidential" About Donald Trump's Speech to Congress Last Night

Last night, Donald Trump gave a speech before Congress. It was a parade of lies. His Republican minions applauded because, like a child who is finally potty trained at 8-years-old, Trump did not drop his pants and crap on the floor. The standards are that low.

Apparently, there are some folks who felt that Trump was "presidential" last night. One of them is Van Jones. I have spoken to Van Jones on my podcast series. I enjoyed our conversation. He is smart. I also feel that--and I hinted at this during our conversation--he is a bit too generous towards the Trump trash who installed a fascist, racist, demagogue in the White House.

Jones has been getting some heat online and elsewhere for his comments about Trump. What do you think Jones' angle is here? Is he playing a long game and positioning himself for the future? Does Jones actually believe what he said about Trump? Or is Jones trying to position himself as a type of bridge and diplomat?

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