Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Got My Fancy Pants and Expensive Shoes On and Am Going to Barack Obama's Farewell Address Here in Chicago Later Today

Fingers crossed, I am on the list to see Barack Obama's farewell speech here in Chicago later today. I was not able to go to the White House conference I was invited to over the summer. But, through some well-timed emails, and the power of the Force and Crom, I should be pretty close to the stage when America's first black president gives his farewell address here in Chicago. If you see a turtle-like and grotesque looking black man with an odd looking goatee, please do yell at the TV machine and give Chauncey DeVega some love.

In his speech, Obama will channel George Washington. He will be cerebral and reflective. He will cut his own version of a pro wrestling promo on Donald Trump--in a dignified way of course. There will be some tears in the house for sure.

I am excited to witness this in person. I am also saddened to see one of America's greatest presidents say goodbye. I am disgusted with now being forced to reckon with an incompetent ignoramus and bigot named Donald Trump who will soon be soiling The White House. I doubt that I am alone in that sentiment.

Nothing fancy here. But I am sincerely curious. What do you expect from Barack Obama's farewell address? If you had a chance to ask him a question during these final weeks in office what would it be? And if you had an opportunity to speak with Barack Obama in private during this time what would you ask or request of him?

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