Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Conversation With 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist Tommie Smith About Race, Sports, and Human Rights

It is time for the annual fundraiser that occurs during the month of December at which point I put on my gentle NPR fundraising voice and push out the old begging bowl which can be found by clicking on the Paypal link on the right side of the screen at

As longtime readers of this site and listeners to my podcast know, I do not accept advertising or paid sponsorships. We are at the end of the first week of fundraiser and are approximately 25 percent to the goal. If you can include the podcast and my other work in your holiday and other generosity the positive energy will be greatly appreciated. 

This project began almost ten years ago and has allowed me opportunities to comment on and try to speak a bit of truth to power in a way, that I believe, is increasingly uncommon in the American news media. The podcast and my other other work is extremely labor intensive and your kind donations during the annual fundraiser(s) help to keep things moving forward. The positive energy and kindness of the gesture also means a great deal to me as well. I have publicly promised to fight Donald Trump and his fascism, to tell the truth about his minions, and to do this without apology. The mainstream corporate news media are cowards who are normalizing a political thug. I will not. Your help in doing that is greatly appreciated.

This week's special fundraising podcast guest is the civil rights icon, educator, and 1968 Olympic gold medalist Dr. Tommie Smith. He is most widely known for his iconic "Black Power" salute with John Carlos. Dr. Smith has spent the decades after that iconic moment traveling the country and world sharing his life wisdom about human rights, dignity, and the power of education. 

Chauncey and Dr. Smith discuss Colin Kaepernick and how he has inspired political awareness and activism among his fellow athletes, what moved Dr. Smith to sacrifice so much by speaking truth to power during the 1968 Olympics, why some people choose action and others inaction, and a lack of national moral leadership in today's America. 

During this week's podcast, Chauncey also shares his initial thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story after seeing it Thursday night, reflects on "fake news" and his recent essay on Trump and America as a banana republic, and offers some comments on Barack Obama's final press conference of 2016.

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