Thursday, November 3, 2016

Several Weeks Late to the Party: The Washington Post Finally Discovers that the Official Ku Klux Klan Newspaper has Endorsed Donald Trump

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little credit claiming and accompanying it with a bit of "I told you so". Several weeks ago I wrote a piece about how the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan had "endorsed" Donald Trump. Guess what? Yesterday--and several weeks late to the party--The Washington Post ran a feature on the same topic. Their story's title? "KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president".

These stories are out there in the ether waiting to be scooped up. Yes, it is frustrating where, as it has happened many times since I began this site and writing online more generally, my arguments get picked up/are in the zeitgeist/borrowed from/inspire others. But, I can also smile by knowing that sometimes I am right and just ahead of the curve. The trick still remains how to be on the curve and get the kudos and opportunities that come with.

The Washington Post was able to include some additional reporting and interviews, such as the following:
Reached by phone, Robb told The Washington Post that while the Crusader wasn’t officially endorsing Trump, his article signaled the publication's enthusiastic support for the Republican billionaire's candidacy. 
"Overall, we do like his nationalist views and his words about shutting down the border to illegal aliens," Robb said. "It’s not an endorsement because, like anybody, there's things you disagree with. But he kind of reflects what’s happening throughout the world. There seems to be a surge of nationalism worldwide as nationals reclaim their borders." 
The 12-page quarterly newspaper calls itself "The Political Voice of White Christian America!" and has a well-known white supremacist symbol on its front page. 
The latest edition includes articles about Jewish links to terrorism, black-on-white crime and a man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s illegitimate child. An article near the end of the paper says that Trump’s candidacy is "moving the dialogue forward."
Quite the year folks. Trump an incompetent bigot, racist, nativist, professional wrestling inspired con artist, serial sex offender, clinical narcissist, tax cheat, who is being run by the Russian intelligence service is in a virtual tie for the United States presidency with Hillary Clinton. Yes, America is that screwed up. A confession: I almost hope Trump wins so that the fools and imbeciles who voted for him can get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, I/we have to share this country with such human deplorables and I would not wish that outcome on all of the other good folks who are standing up against Trump and his fascism.

Who do you think will win on Election Day? Are Trump's chances greater or smaller than are commonly believed?

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