Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mouth Yammering and Nonsense About Police Brutality, Patriotism, Sports, and Racism on Last Night's "Open Court" TV Show on the NBA Network

Last night, while trying to avoid the baseball game--I have no interest in the sport, and yes, that includes the Chicago Cubs--I stumbled upon the NBA Network's "Open Court" television show. The format features former black professional basketball players such as Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley and an obligatory white co-panelist. With the help of the one and only legend Jim Brown, the group proceeded to try to speak with authority about race, police violence, the color line, Colin Kaepernick, and other related mattes. The show and discussion was cringe worthy. Moreover, "Open Court" is proof that just because a person happens to be black or brown that they are not imbued with a special or unique insight about race in America. Melanin count does not equal scholarly or learned expertise.

And of course, racial capitalism deems that Charles Barkley, he who is "real" and "tells the truth" about "race" in America will be given his own show called "The Race Card" on the TNT network next year. White projections that are living caricatures of blackness and the "black experience" are quite popular--especially if they are black conservatives like Charles Barkley.

The trailer can be watched at this link or below.

And sorry Charles--and those others who share his childish beliefs--racism is not an opinion. It is one of the most documented facts in all of the social sciences. And yes, there are people who actually have answers and scholarly expertise and facts to answer the questions you will be asking on the show. White privilege and white supremacy are not unknown unknowns.

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