Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Again. On Behalf of the (late) Terence Crutcher‬ and Other Black Men Both Dead and Still Alive: Dear America's Police, Please Stop Killing Us

Another black man has been executed by America's police. A broken record. Again, these incidents are not outliers or bugs. These killings are America's cops doing their "jobs" as new age slave patrollers. The newest victim of America's out of control killer cops is Terence Crutcher. Tulsa police street executed him for the crime of having a broken car. They shot Terence Crutcher less than 30 seconds after encountering him on the side of the road.  

Terence Crutcher is the newest victim of America's thug cops. I do not want to rewrite my earlier letters about innocent and unarmed black men killed by America's new age slave patrollers. The narrative is the same. Simply swap out the names.

Please stop killing us. I know this won't happen. I must continue asking. Others will transform the request into a demand.

My form letter:
Dear America's police: 
Please stop killing black men. I am a black man. Police have threatened and harassed me while I was doing nothing wrong. I do not know why you hate people like me so much. I have no criminal record. I hope that you will reflect on your behavior and subsequently do a better job of stopping the foul, horrible, and criminal behavior that routinely takes place in white communities all across these United States. 
Those in denial about the war by American's cops on people of color will say they are "shocked" by what is quite common. White denial--perhaps most so when embraced by people of color--is one of the bedrocks and cornerstones of white supremacy.
What more is there left to say? This is all a rerun and broken record.

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