Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Demagogue in Phoenix: Donald Trump's Long Con Game and an "Immigration" Speech That was a Nadir in Modern American Politics

I am in the process of finishing this week's podcast and writing up an essay in response to Donald Trump's speech last night in Phoenix, Arizona. I have posted the speech above for those folks who did not watch it. If you are among that group please take the time to do so. Please do not rely on second hand accounts from the mainstream corporate news media. Trump has finally crossed the Rubicon into full fledged fascism. What occurred last night was a nadir in contemporary American politics. Alas, the mainstream corporate news media is so invested in finding some type of "horse race" or discussing Trump as though he was a "normal" candidate that they are either 1) unwilling or 2) unable--or perhaps some combination of the two--to discuss him in the proper terms.

As I have said many times here, as well as at Salon, the RT network, and The Chauncey DeVega Show, Donald Trump is not really interested in being President of the United States. He is a con man political performance artist who is hustling the white racist rubes who have flocked to his banner.

To wit. I subscribe to many Right-wing online "news" sites and mailing lists. I have posted Donald Trump's most recent fundraising email below. It is standard begging bowl stuff. But I still marvel at the thought that anyone would give this con artist and professional liar a penny, never mind any other sum of money.

What do you think Trump's long con game really is? And am I just overreacting to his speech in Phoenix?


Last night, I delivered to you a ten-point policy plan to STOP illegal immigration.

I also put to rest so many rumors spread by the mainstream media about my policies on illegal immigration.

For the past week, they’ve distorted my views and even went so far as to claim that we won’t build an actual wall. So disgraceful.

As I said last night, we ARE going to build a tall, physical, impenetrable, beautiful wall along the southern border to stop the influx of illegal immigration.

But the media is spreading these false rumors in the hopes of pitting us against each other. They know that the only way to take down our movement is to divide us. They see the growing momentum on our side and will try anything to stop us.

I’m turning to you, one of my bedrock supporters, to make a contribution of $100, $65, $35, $25, or even $15 to prove that our movement is more united and stronger than EVER before.

The media is hoping to turn the story away from the fact that Hillary Clinton would offer full-blown amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants and would keep the border unsecured for millions more to flow right over.

I’m proposing a plan that will uphold the rule of law and enforce the laws already on the books.

But to get our detailed, ten-point plan to the American voter, we’re going to need your help cutting through the media’s noise.

Please, contribute $100, $65, $35, $25, or even $15 to push our movement to victory this November and finally put an end to the major problem of illegal immigration.


Donald J. Trump

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