Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chauncey DeVega's Fantastic Journey from CVS to the Hospital Emergency Room

I will provide much more context and storytelling regarding my medical (mis)adventure on this week's edition of The Chauncey DeVega Show. For now, in case some of you are interested and/or worried:

1. I am okay. All of this transpired on Sunday and Monday. But, we should all be much more careful with our health lest you end up in the emergency room like me.

2. The free blood pressure monitoring machine at CVS (and I am sure at drug stores like Walgreens, etc.) can be very scary. I would suggest not using them.

3. I would also suggest not buying a blood pressure monitor to bring home because you are terrified of what the free machine at CVS indicated and then proceeding to check your blood pressure every 15 minutes for the next 12 hours.

4. I would also suggest not reading WebMD and thus making yourself even more terrified that you may be at immediate risk of a heart attack or massive stroke.

5. No. I am not a hobo. I was just wearing my old laundry day jeans. Yes. I did have on clean underwear.

6. My stalwart companion was kind enough to take pictures of me in the hospital. I have several others to share. I was going for a Huck Finn-like aesthetic. Sometimes you got to laugh to keep from crying folks.

7. And given that this is fundraising month here at ChaunceyDeVega.com--I have not been doing my NPR persistent daily reminder given the passing of Muhammad Ali and the mass murder in Florida as I felt to do so would be in poor taste--I am going to have to push the begging bowl out in earnest these next few weeks to cover the post insurance expenses of what will likely be an expensive trip to the hospital.

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