Monday, April 4, 2016

Fun With Right-wing Hate Emails: Defending Black Donald Trump Supporters #1

I was lucky enough to have a piece on Donald Trump's black supporters featured at The Washington Spectator. They are an old school newspaper with very good reporting and a growing online presence (Rick Perlstein writes for them on occasion; I consider myself to be in great company). To my surprise, that essay was picked up by Newsweek magazine and featured at their online opinion section last Friday.

Although I initially thought otherwise, Newsweek was not playing an April Fool's Day joke on me.

As always, new readers brings new eyes and new complaints and some fun emails. As I have said many times here and elsewhere, black conservatives are the human mascots and pets for a racist political organization called the Republican Party. White conservatives are very protective of their professional "best black friends" and human racism deflecting chaff.

In keeping with our tradition, here is one of the emails I received in response to my basic truth telling about Il Duce Americano Donald Trump's black mascots.

How many Right-wing talking points and other examples of damaged thinking can you find in the following sentences. Priceless. Comedy. Gold.


WOW! Just WOW! This is the first article that I have read of yours an it was my bad to assume that you would be an educated writer...sorry that was my mistake!

You just don't get it! It's Black people like u that keep racism alive! You just can't let a Black Trump supporter be just that!

Basically a pissed off American! You people (yep I said it!) have to call them names get angry because they think for themselves an not blindly follow ur failed liberal bullshit! 

The sad thing about u is that ur just to racist an ignorant to be just an American! 

Not to mention u fail to see what a hypocrite you really are!

People like u are always waving the race card...good God let it go! I'm pretty sure there isn't a white or black person alive who was or owned a slave! Give it a freaking rest! 

Ur problem with letting it go would mean u couldn't rise up an burn an loot when u think a ( WHITE/COP PERSON) has treated u unfairly! It's ur standard go to!

Funny how u never mention or say thank you to the over 400,000 white men who died giving slaves their freedom!

Suck on that racist!

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