Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fun With Right-wing Hate Emails: When a Donald Trump Supporter Unintentionally Proves that He is Afflicted with 'White Fragility'

Sometimes the Internet talks back to you. It can be funny, whimsical, strange, and/or oblivious. The Internet can also just be so tin eared and ironic while it unintentionally proves the very point you were trying make in your online writing.

You know my occasional routine: I love to share the emails and other comments from my online safaris to the Right-wing sewer. There are moments when their intellectual effluence backs up into my email box. I imagine this is akin to how the septic tank on a mobile home or trailer can start to stink and the owner of said property needs to turn on the hose in order to drain the feces, urine, old condoms, and other waste.

I recently wrote an essay on white fragility and how the corporate news media is enabling Donald Trump's supporters. It was not a revelation. I was simply stating plain facts. But as always, when one dares to tell the truth about white privilege and white supremacy a person who is invested in their "whiteness" first, before their humanity, gets upset. They then email me several paragraphs of prose that prove the very concept I was discussing...and they were trying to refute.

I love it.

You tell me, is this recent email political performance art and a white privilege 101 fill in the blanks form letter-choose your own path white victimology story or something more sincere? Stated differently, does the author of said email actually believe what he is writing?

Priceless. Comedy. Gold. Again.


First, I am a supporter of Trump..and am NOT racist. No matter how much you dont and wont believe that.

I feel we need a business minded, non professional political puppet as president. We need a person that DOES get offended when an outside force ( ISIS or whoever) tries to disrupt our way of life and will respond quickly and aggressively to squash that threat. Trump is not part of the establishment, he has a mind for business and should be able to help this economy. He dont take crap from people and I feel would take an aggressive  stand against our enemies...unlike the do nothing about terrorist president we have now.

With that being said..your assertion that Trump supporters are racist is off base. I do NOT hate because of skin color.. if I "hate"..its because of attitude and the disrespectful way I'm treated by it dont matter.

Black people are as racist, if not more racist then white people. I have experienced it first hand. I have friends that are black..and have been to their houses..and have been aggressively approached by their neighbors trying to intimidate me by getting "gangster" and making comments like "are you lost whitey" or "cracker in the wrong hood" or "feeling brave cake eater?"

Blacks can pop off racial slurs without consequences, while whites are called racist for anything and everything. If I use the "N word" I'm racist..but blacks use it all the time. Kanye West recently said when he defended his calling Taylor Swift a bitch, that like bitch..the "N word" is a term of endearment.....what?? I thought it was a hate can't have it both ways. Make up your minds..endearment or hate slur. People like Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy, have made careers and tons of money using it. I dont see how black people are ok with other blacks using it...I would think its a bigger insult if its used by one of their own. If its such a hateful can a black call another black one...dont make sense to me.

Blacks are not being oppressed..we have a black President.. black congressmen and other high profile, powerful positions. Those people did not get those positions by whining about how theyre being held back..they got educated..put in the time, effort, and hard work to earn those anyone else. You can't blame society because some people rather be criminals and thugs then a productive member of our country..regardless of their race.

During the Trayvon Martin circus..Charles Barkley said the same thing.."blacks are just as racist as whites."
About Trump's wall...dont you want more secured borders? It won't completely stop illegal immigration or drug trafficking..but should help quite abit. We need more secure borders. Remember... Bush started to strengthen and complete the fence,and everyone was all for it, but 

Obama defunded and stopped that plan...why?
To weaken the border?

I wonder.
On Trumps Muslim ban..
Its only a temporary ban until better vetting can be designed. If it keeps my family and countrymen safer...I'm all for it. I agree that not all Muslims are terrorist.. but by watching the appears all terrorist are Muslim.
Black people say Republicans are rich white people oppressing blacks. Why black people support the Democratic party is a mystery to me.
The Dems. ran the states that became the confederacy, and started the civil war to keep blacks in chains..Lincoln and the republicans wanted to free them. The Dems were also the ones who formed the KKK. History has shown its the Democrats, not Republicans, that are racist. Now they want to put their hopes and dreams in the hands of an old, rich white lady. If a black man like Obama did nothing for the black community.. what makes you think she will? Hillary says what she needs to for votes. Trump dont. Hillary's true feelings were recently brought up. Her '90s comments in support of Bill's crime bill. Hillary dont care about anyone or anything except Hillary.

In closing.. if the media and writers like you want to keep dividing our country by race, gender, or creed...and create hostility and outrage for ratings....we will never look past our differences and embrace one another just as Americans...there will always be hate.
As Rodney King said..."can't we all just get along?"
Just one guys opinion.
Thank you for your time.

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