Friday, April 29, 2016

"Boogie Woogie!" Is Donald Trump the New "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant?

I am proud of my Donald Trump as professional wrestler carnival show con man cult leader necromancer oeuvre. I am especially proud of how it has been imitated by many but they have, for the most part, fabulously failed to channel my original voice and analysis.

But I may have been "trumped". During his podcast this week, legendary professional wrestling manager and historian Jim Cornette (who has also given his blessing to my professional wrestling as politics framework) discussed Donald Trump. There, he pointed out how Trump is channeling the legendary 1980s talker "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant with a mix of the great Chicago promoter Bob Luce thrown in the mix.

Yup. Cornette has nailed it. "Boogie Woogie!"

What other characters is Il Duce Immortan Joe Trump channeling in his political performance art shtick?

Random question. Am I the only one, concerned, albeit not surprised, by how violence at Trump's rallies has become so normal and expected, that the mainstream media has surrendered to this new status quo?

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