Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trumpmania Doesn't Make a Stop in Chicago: An Initial Report (With Video) About My Experience at Donald Trump's Canceled Rally Earlier Today

I made it back from the Donald Trump Chicago no-show rally. I have attached a video of the moment after it was announced that Il Duce Trump would not be making an appearance.

I have a longer piece that I just finished. These are some quick and initial thoughts.

1. I am safe...of course you were all concerned.

2. Trump's supporters are racist, nativist, bigoted thugs. Some of them are just profoundly ignorant and contrarian malcontents. Others are more dangerous.

3. Don't believe the Fox News lie. Almost all of the "fights" were started by Trump supporters. I was pretty close to several of them.

4. There are lots of very angry and racially resentful white conservatives in this country. I know this to be true as an empirical fact. Seeing it first hand and listening to them behind me in line is another matter.

5. The Chicago police exercised great restraint. They were professionals.

6. Black conservative shuck and buck artists are everywhere. Several of them tried to earn points for their white masters by fighting Black Lives Matter and other protesters.

7. I can be hard on America's young people. Based on what I saw with the black, brown, white, yellow, and red brothers and sisters at the Chicago rally I think we may somehow be okay.

8. When it was announced that the Trump rally was canceled some of his supporters looked like they were going to cry. Santa Claus ain't coming to their house this year.

9. I am unsure if Donald Trump ever intended to show up. He is a manager of optics and he may have just wanted to try to gain sympathy and win over more of the Reagan Democrats "law and order" types.

10. There was lots of hippie-punching rhetoric and behavior to be had at the Chicago Trump rally.

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