Monday, March 7, 2016

Some Questions to Start the Week: Should I Go to Donald Trump's Rally Here in Chicago? What is the Big Deal About Bernie Sanders' 'Ghetto' Comment?

I am still trying to break the hypnotic power of Il Duce Donald Trump. Alas, I cannot help but to partially surrender to its glare. Trumpmania ought not to be the primary focus of the American news media. But, he is the hottest thing going today. The commentariat and chattering classes feed the beast even while simultaneously condemning it.

Thus, some thoughts, sharing, and questions to begin the week.

I have managed to secure a ticket for Donald Trump's rally here in Chicago on Friday. This is Obama's hometown. The Trumpeteers who dare to show up in Chicago are going to be a hardcore lot of political thugs and zombies. Trump's rally will either be a huge letdown or one hell of a train wreck and human zoo. My mother says I should stay home. I feel compelled to go. What do you think I should do?

Bernie Sanders talked about white people, poverty, and the "ghetto" during the Flint debate last night. I thought that Sanders would flip his observation into a comment on how Jews were "ghettoized" in Europe. Perhaps it is a good that I am not his speech writer or consultant. Please help me to understand why Sanders' imprecise comment is the source of consternation and upset in some circles?

A second thought on Flint, Michigan. The American Right-wing loves to fetishize the U.S. Constitution. The more they mouth yammer about it, the more I am convinced that most of the "strict constructionists" have never read said document. There is a pretty important part of the U.S. Constitution that speaks to the obligation of the government to provide for the "general welfare" of the People. Wouldn't that include access to clean water?

The new Ghostbusters trailer stinks. The movie will likely stink even more. I do not dislike the new Ghostbusters movie because it stars a group of comediennes. No. I dislike the new Ghostbusters movie because it looks horrific.

I discovered an episode of the great podcast This American Life that examines the evil atrocities and crimes against humanity done to the Kenyan people by the British during the 1950s and the "Mau Mau" rebellion. Apparently, the Kenyan freedom fighters killed no more than 40 or so British/white nationals during their struggle for emancipation. By comparison, the Brits tortured, imprisoned, murdered, stole the labor of, and put into concentration camps more than a million Kenyans. This madness is documented in the book Imperial Reckoning by Caroline Elkins. Why have I never heard of these events?

As always, do you have any stories or news items of public or private concern to share?

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