Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega on the RT Network's 'Big Picture' Talking About Donald Trump the White Victimologist

As is our habit and tradition, here is my recent guest spot on the Thom Hartmann Show where we discussed my Donald Trump "the white victimologist" essay and insights on his Chicago "no-show" rally. I also had a chance to speak with Thom on his radio show earlier in the day. In that conversation we focused more on the curious case of Donald Trump's black supporters and their tendency towards violence.

I felt like I did well in this most recent TV spot. It was the first time I would be included in a panel discussion. I did not know this ahead of time--which is okay, but meant that I had to switch gears psychologically. And for those folks who may not be privy to how remote connections work on TV, I was not able to see the host or the guests. I had to focus on the audio and choose my spots carefully.

I thought the other panelists are in all likelihood good, smart, and nice people. Using a boxing or MMA analogy, I am pretty direct, and when someone throws a lazy overhand right towards me or opens themselves up to a rear naked choke I am going to end the match. This was a sparring contest between friends so I did not want to cinch my move in too tight. I also wanted to make the point that I could have if I so wanted.

Thoughts, suggestions, insights? Did I come across as too "aggressive?" Mean? I talked a bit faster than I normally do to get my points in with the other two panelists, but I hope it was not too off putting.

The next step is to do some actual work in a studio so that I can be physically present with the host. Once that happens, I will be more expressive and able to use a more full range of body motions to communicate my points.

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