Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Conspiranoid Fantasies: Alex Jones and Breitbart Put Their Spin on the Donald Trump Chicago 'No-Show' Rally

Donald Trump knows that it is all about the optics folks. The Right-wing media is a disinformation machine. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to watch it operate.

Trump's violence plays into a narrative of "law and order", white victimology, and 1960s era hippie punching, silent majority, Nixonian fear mongering. I believe that Trump, has, quite literally torn a page out of the Goldwater-Nixon handbook. It is all a script. The mainstream media is unwilling to call out its Kabuki-like aspects.

Alex Jones' Right-wing conspiranoid factory has vomited out this video of the Chicago Trump rally and the resulting chaos that threatens to consume the good white folks of the United States.

Breitbart has a firsthand account from one of the Trumpeteers who was was stuck in the parking garage Alama redoubt at the UIC Pavilion. Given that I was there, it is always fun to hear someone else's incomplete accounting of events...such as how the Trumpeteers were throwing things, spitting, and yelling at the people below. But then again, people wearing Obama masks are very scary.

Breitbart also has some "inside" information from a Chicago police officer who supposedly worked the UIC Pavilion last Friday. Again, facts be damned. The so-called "anarchists" at the Trump rally were quite well behaved. Apparently there was also a "riot". Given that I was standing in the middle of this supposed "riot", I do wish that someone had informed me about it.

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