Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Semi-Open Thread: The NFL Playoffs, WWE's Royal Rumble, and Alex Jones Has a Public Confab With Louis Farrakhan

As is our habit, please do consider this a Sunday semi-open thread.

It will be a fun day full of mindless entertainment.

I am watching my beloved New England Patriots play Denver. If the Pats were playing at home in Foxborough, I go with New England. The Patriots have horrible luck playing Denver on the latter's home turf. Bad air. I think it will be close, but Denver will win on the last possession of the day.

The NFC game will be video game football entertaining. The final score will be very high. I go with the Panthers.

WWE's Royal Rumble is tonight. This show is the setup for Wrestlemania--anything can and will happen. The WWE product is in a crisis right now. The storytelling is repetitive and Roman Reigns, who should be a heel, is being forced down the throats of the fans as a "face". However, there are some rumblings of exciting things happening in the near future with some great talent additions from New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH.

My predictions (I would likely book the main event this way as well, given the literal corner the WWE writers have written themselves into). Reigns survives to the end. The crowd believes he has "won" the title. The Authority's music hits. Vince McMahon or HHH walk down to the ring. Reigns, exhausted, is attacked by the Authority's good squad. He is defeated. If Vince wins the belt, he should drop it to HHH in a "one finger NWO super punch" circa the late 1990s and early 2000s on Monday night Raw.

Random booking points. Lesnar is a beast who gets taken out by the Wyatt family. AJ Styles does a run-in and eliminates Kevin Owens. Samoa Joe makes his main roster debut. Kevin Nash dyes the hair black and makes his obligatory walk down the runway to go a few rounds.

While all of the "serious people" were watching the Sunday morning news talk shows, they likely missed out on a salon for the ages between Alex Jones and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Conspiracy theories are a means of negotiating reality that is used across the ideological spectrum. As I discussed with Professor Joe Uscinski, conspiracy theories are sometimes "true". Conspiracy theories are also hard to disprove because of their malleability. As such, contrary evidence is spun and twisted as proof that a bigger conspiracy is afoot.

Alex Jones is one of the biggest con men confidence game hustlers in the game today. Louis Farrakhan leads an organization that was founded by street hustler con artist Wallace Fard Muhammad. There is something "beautiful ugly" in watching Jones and Farrakhan discuss politics and society.

As always, do you have any information, news, or other matters of public or private concern that you would like to share?

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