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When White Supremacists Go to See "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

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Some final thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I should be recording the podcast discussion of the movie with Bill the Lizard either tonight or tomorrow for inclusion in this week's episode of the show. Mark Clark, author of the great book Star Wars FAQ also has a review of the movie that can be read here. Mark is cool folks and has also been a guest on The Chauncey DeVega Show. John Scalzi, super famous sci-fi author and all around interesting guy and lover of animals, has a review over at his site Whatever. He basically agrees with my thoughts on the film. It feels good to be in such esteemed company.

I often joke about my habit of going to white supremacist websites in order to get a sense of how they read and interpret political and cultural events. I am never surprised or amazed at how white supremacy is a type of political psychopathology and the ways that it damages the cognitive, emotional, and critical thinking skills of too many white people. Reading white supremacist websites has been very helpful in other ways: Donald Trump is their spawn; they mapped out his electoral strategy years ago.

White supremacists are obsessed with the "culture wars". Like movement conservatives, men's rights types, "anti-social justice warriors", and other assorted scum on the American Right, they have a deep concern with "cultural Marxism"--of course they do not fully understand critical theory--and how popular culture does some type of secret ideological work to attack, demean, and indoctrinate "white people" into "anti-white" attitudes and beliefs.

Star Wars is a global phenomenon. I was very curious as to how they would respond to the new Force Awakens movie. As I wrote about here, there is much going on in terms of race and gender in that text. I, and I am sure others, will be deconstructing and writing a great deal about race and gender in the new Star Wars movies.

What follows are the thoughts of some white supremacists on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Star Wars films in general, and other movies as well. This is funny stuff. It should also give you pause when you realize that these attitudes and beliefs are more common than many people would like to believe in this "post racial" era.

White Supremacist #1

I don't mind a negro playing a supporting role, much like Lando Calrissian in the original (who was more like a mulatto), but I've heard this current, extremely simian looking negro plays the love interest of Han Solo's and Princess Leia's daughter.

That's a significant part of the plot, I'm sure, as we "watch their love bloom".

White Supremacist #2

Just tell me if the girl is a mud shark.

White Supremacist #3

I have just watched this.

*Spoiler Alert*

It is Stars Wars IV: A New Hope....but with a negro.

There are other spoilers I could divulge but I won't

White Supremacist #4--this one has a grand Star Wars theory

There is a lot of politics in Star Wars. It is just there, Lucas does not bet you over the head with it.

I use the politics in Star Wars as a teaching aid for children.

Might work with old dumb adults, maybe, but children are a lot faster on the uptake.

Episode 1 (4th movie made in the series)

The evil Syth Lord is behind the trade embargo (called a blockade in the movie). The trade embargo is no different from what the US Federal Government does to any nation it is ordered to bully by their evil Jewish lords.

The Syth Lord secretly sends 2 Jedi (his enemy) to stop his own embargo. Why?

The Trade Federation is afraid to go to the next step.

The evil Jewish lord, I mean Syth Lord, intends to use the "unexpected" appearance of resistance to the embargo to shock the Trade Federation into action and begin a military occupation. The Syth Lord intends to escalate that action into a full blown war.

By enlisting the help of the Jedi, that keeps him above suspicion and keeps the trust of the Jedi, keeps the trust of the planet being invaded (by his own doing) and keeps the trust of the Senate and Citizens that he is doing everything possible to avoid war (while he is the one behind the upcoming war).

He also expects the Jedi to be killed, which will help to raise emotions against the Trade Federation (which he is using like a puppet, the way that Jewish Neocons, Jewish Zionists, and Jewish Communists use the US Federal Military).

His objective is war, but his goal is empire.

Crisis, reaction, solution.

The crisis that he sets up with an embargo leading to military occupation, will cause the reaction of the Republic going to war against the Trade Federation and its allies, and his solution will be an iron fisted empire to prevent such a chain of events repeating themselves in the future. With him in control of the Empire and therefore the Galaxy.

The weak minded are always willing to trade liberty for security.

Emperor for life, with a chance to rediscover the secret to immortality which was known by his master-- Emperor forever!

White Supremacist #5--this one just doesn't like George Lucas and his wife very much

George Lucas is/was romantically involved with a she-boon and spent his own money on that film disaster called "Red Tails." I hope he loses every penny he ever made.

White Supremacist #6--this one is upset about Guardians of the Galaxy

Being from Marvel & Disney pretty much tells you it is probably anti-white right there, and it is.

From beginning to end, it is all about race mixing. All the way through the purpose of that propaganda piece is to condition impressionable young white children to think of race mixing as normal and acceptable.

The producers hired two females to both portray roles perpetuating the myth of a female warrior. Either one of them could have been casted for either of the two roles. So which one was selected for the love interest of the white hero of the movie? Was it the white woman? No of course not, it was the other one, the one in the monkey dress. Without recounting the movie, race mixing is put in front of our children over and over and over throughout the movie.

If it weren't for the race mixing propaganda, it could have been a great movie, good actors, lots of action, great special effects, good sound track, but the race mixing just kills it.

White Supremacist #7--Pacific Rim is "anti-white" propaganda too

Mostly computer generated action sequences, not much movie to it, but what there is of it is mostly anti-white.

The white hero lives in Alaska, but he speaks Japanese (doesn't everyone who lives in Alaska?)

Of course he gets paired up with a Japanese female, and a particularly apish one at that.

His boss is a brilliant African who is more heroic than any other character, even though his actions are not actually more heroic than other characters.

The live action fight scenes were not very good, but the computer graphics were fantastic.

If it weren't for the White Man's Technology, there would not be any movies.

There are White Characters in this movie you will like, and the CG action scenes are great, but Jewish Hollywood had to get their anti-white propaganda in there between the action sequences.

White Supremacist #8--Even The Martian is an "anti-white" film

Contains the two negroes as director of NASA...and astrodynamics expert, the latter as a pathetic comic relief.

Movie contains a Spic and the Chinese as superior when it comes to space technology (realistically, copied White inventions and pioneering science).

While the overall movie is not bad, with actual filmed-in-3-D effect very good and spectacular, it annoyed me about forced diversity quota as if the white audience people believe a bumbling young male negro can play a supergenius astrodynamics (calculus, trigonometry, physics, etc) scientist.

The movie feels pandering at times with somewhat forced humor and strange profanity that pushes PG-13 rating to a maximum limit.

Directed by British native Ridley Scott, who also directed an awful sci-fi misfire Prometheus, which contain offensive subplot elements that promote race mixing sex, non-white mixed race crew as savior of humankind, and subtle attack on "Aryan ideal" by denigrating the white race as cold, conspiring and evil.

Overall, "The Martian" is mediocre, nothing exciting and compelling, with the experience harmed by ridiculous "magic negro genius scientist and superior director" roles as perpetrating the lies of "equality" for propaganda.

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