Monday, December 7, 2015

The Joy and Spite of Fundraising with White Supremacist Hate Mail

We are beginning the second week of the fundraiser here at (a.k.a. Indomitable, WARN, and We Are Respectable Negroes) to support the podcast and my online teaching, writing, and other work.

As is the routine here, I have some original pieces, articles, links, and the podcast to share this week.

I am mischievous. I am not very good with my NPR fundraising voice. 

But, I think there is something potentially motivating for those folks who are thinking of donating during the fundraiser by sharing some of the hate mail I receive on a regular basis. We are in a war of sorts between human decency and evil.

I will be sharing some of these emails this week.

I hope that the friends, fans, and those others who are able to materially support the website during this December fundraiser will be moved to throw some bronze, gold, or silver into the donation bucket at the Paypal link on the right hand side of screen to spite these wicked racists.

Here is a recent email.

So a BLM nigger gets a small taste of the racial abuse regularly dished out to "crackas" on kollige campuses, in restaurants, and on any random street corner in America. The HORROR!

You know, Chauncey my boy, it is a true delight watching you Cultural Marxist scum (and the money-worshiping race traitor GOP Establishment, for that matter) twist 'n' shout in impotent rage over Trump: a billionaire presidential candidate who can't be controlled with jew campaign cash & media domination. I've been saying for the last 15 years that anyone who espouses the interests of the dwindling, marked-for-destruction White majority by marrying border control with economic populism (stopping crony capitalist outsourcing, etc.) will be a winner, and Trump is proving me right.

Of course, his appeal to Whites is implicit - but it's enough, for now at least. You can already see the reawakened spirit of White self-confidence & assertiveness he's fostered: even late middle-aged White men & women - the mildest segment of any populace - are physically resisting the challenges of aggressive niggers like the aforementioned Mercutio (BWAHAHAHA!).

And it's only the beginning. The jew-imposed politico-racial taboos have been openly flouted; even the dullest Whites have been alerted to their peril. There will be no turning back.

Uppity brown monstrosities like mulatto you won't inherit the nation(s) created by our White ancestors for US after all. If I were you, I'd grab the first thing smokin' for Liberia, know whum sayin'?

Peace OUT,

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