Saturday, November 21, 2015

Know-Nothing Thuggery: Donald Trump Supporters Attacked a "Black Lives Matter" Protester Earlier Today

Donald Trump is a Know-Nothing nativist. His most ardent supporters are racially resentful--and likely overtly white supremacist--white people.

To wit.

Earlier today, a Black Lives Matter protester was beaten upon at a Donald Trump rally which took place in Birmingham, Alabama.

This ought not to be a surprise. Thuggery by Trump's protofascist followers is not a new occurrence.

Some questions.

1. At least Donald Trump's supporters didn't call the Black Lives Matter protester a "nigger" as they beat on him. Is this some type of progress?

2. You can hear "all lives matter" being chanted during the video. It is clear that "All Lives Matter" has replaced "White Power" as the preferred slogan to intimidate and dehumanize black people.

3. Not too long ago, the Black Lives Matter protester at Trump's rally would have been lynched. Again, is this progress of a sort?

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