Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is He a Genius? A Fool? Or Both? Ben Carson Now Has a "Rap Music" Political Ad

This was predictable. Ben Carson is a new age race minstrel for the Republican Party. As such, his routine would have to evolve to fit the cultural norms of the present. But, I could not have imagined how horrible Ben Carson's move would be.

I am confused. 

Ben Carson now has a rap video that is designed to appeal to "black voters". Although hip hop as an art form has fallen so far below the artistic and musical creativity and majesty of even ten years ago (never mind 20 years when Biggie, Nas, Tribe, Outcast, and Wu-Tang released seminal albums) Carson's rap video will of course have no appeal to "black" voters. The only folks who will be moved by it are Carson's racially resentful and bigoted white conservative supporters. Why? Because it lets them feel "cool" and "hip" as they groove to the negro race record croonings of Carson's emcee and the jungle rhythms of the synthesized drum. 

A complication and a possibility. Could Ben Carson be one of the smartest political operatives in the game right now? 

He is fleecing dumb white conservatives of their money, getting rich off of campaign donations, and engaging in a type of post modern performance art and spectacular politics that mocks the stupidity of the American public. 

Help me understand if you would. Is Carson a genius or a fool or both?

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