Thursday, November 26, 2015

Did You Know That Thanksgiving was Viewed by the South as a "Trick" by "Yankee" "Abolitionists" to Undermine Slavery?

I hope that you are enjoying your overcooked bird meat and other victuals. I also hope that you are not sharing pictures of said disgusting and poorly prepared food with the rest of the world via the Internet.

I will be going out to a restaurant then seeing a movie today. I am lazy.

I love "hidden history". Public holidays are rituals that reveal a great deal about the values, struggles, and questions of identity and meaning in a given society. Thanksgiving is part of America's cultural mythos. Thanksgiving is based on a lie. But some lies are more noble than others I imagine.

Earlier this week I discovered that Thanksgiving was not celebrated by the antebellum South. It was considered a "Yankee Abolitionist" holiday that led to "laziness". The slave holding South also felt that Thanksgiving interfered with "capitalist commerce", i.e. making money off of abusing and killing black people in slave labor camps.

Any Thanksgiving stories to share? What are folks eating? Any cooking experiments gone right or wrong? Recipes to share? Other personal or public matters to share and discuss?

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