Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Questions and Thoughts About the Great New Final Trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Wow! Star Wars returns to the monomyth. So nice to see all of the echoes from Episode IV: A New Hope here in Episode VII.
Some quick observations/thoughts:
1. Is Chewbacca dead? 
2. Did the death of The Emperor throw the Force out of balance? Now is it awakened?
3. The adventures of Luke. Han, Leia, Chewie, and company are "legends" and "myths". So the Empire basically suppressed all info about their defeat at Endor?
4. We see what is basically another trench run on the Death Star(s) and an attack from the new version of Yavin. Good or bad?
5. Cool to hear Lupita Nyong'o doing the voice over in the beginning giving guidance to Rey on her destiny.
6. Rey is Luke. Poe is Han Solo. 
Who is Finn's parallel?
Did you like the trailer? What do you think of the plot so far? What of Luke's relative absence? Is he in self-imposed exile as I and others have suggested?

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