Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gun Culture is a Gangrenous Rot in American Society: The Oregon Mass Shooting and Rewatching Richard Slotkin's Genius Analysis of Gun Violence in the United States

Our national momentary outrage about the Oregon massacre has passed. America is numb and indifferent to such violence. It is a type of gangrenous rot in our political culture.

The cone of silence about Christopher Harper Mercer's Satanic/racist/and who knows what else manifesto/diary continues. This is a reflection of a childish news media that refuses to say his name. Mercer's explanations are being treated like the Arc of the Covenant in Indiana Jones. This is more political absurdity as though ignoring a thing will helps us to understand it and somehow prevent said occurrence from happening in the future.

We do know several things about the Oregon massacre, however.

The sheriff who is tasked with investigating the case is a Right-wing conspiranoid ammosexual who believes in the merits of armed sedition and rebellion against the United States. Not surprisingly, John Hanlin is also a member of the brown shirt cadre known as "The Oath Keepers". Is Fate a trickster? One must wonder if that is the case given how Hanlin believes that the Sandy Hook massacre was a "false flag" operation designed to steal his freedom stick--and now such an event has been visited upon the community he is supposed to protect.

Like the good sheriff, Mercer's mother is a fellow ammosexual and conspiranoid loon. Laurel Harper stockpiled weapons in her home in preparation for her battle with "big government". Like Adam Lanza's mother, she believed in the mantra that access to multiple firearms in the home are basis of good "family values". At the cost of nine lives, Laurel socialized the fiend Chris Harper Mercer into the delusion that guns are a substitute and compensation for his crippled masculinity.

As I wrote previously, if Chris Harper Mercer was an "Arab" or "Muslim" he would be a de facto "terrorist" and every bit of known information including the time, date, size, and consistency of his last bowel movement would now be a matter of public record. By comparison, Mercer is a "mixed race" self-hating "black" Nazi ammosexual who is likely an anti-black racist that wallowed in online sewers with other aggrieved, sad, sexually neutered men. Fact is stranger than fiction. The only solution is to throw Chris Harper Mercer down the memory hole until the next mass shooting happens--which will likely be in several day--and the killer is one more easily comprehended (and digestible) by the news media and the American people.

Richard Slotkin is one of America's foremost experts on the country's gun culture and its historical roots. He gave an interview in 2013 on The Bill Moyers Show where they talked about the 1 year anniversary of the Newtown massacre. Their conversation remains one of the most prescient and insightful analyses of mass shooting culture that I have ever seen.

Slotkin, pardon the pun, has Chris Harper Mercer and his murderous ammosexual cabal "dead to rights". Ultimately, it may be much easier to rewatch Slotkin explain this predictable mess than to try to process it on one's own.

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