Friday, September 4, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Talks With Ring of Fire TV About the Fox News Hate Media and "Black Lives Matter"

I am inside joke for those folks who are in the know.

It was great sitting down to chat with Farron Cousins at Ring of Fire TV last night.

As is my habit, sharing some internal thoughts and self-criticism as I work on improving my media persona and presence.

In this conversation I was quite a bit more relaxed than usual--even rolling my eyes and being more expressive with my facial expressions--as opposed to the stone face I usually affect. Farron and I just went with some broad topics and let the conversation go where it may. I also got to make a Ghostbusters reference and to repeat my concerns about self-interest, racism, and human rights in this age of police thuggery and violence.

As I get more practice, I am more comfortable in dropping the mask a bit and showing a broader range of my personality. How reps and time changes things. I was also reflecting on the sheer panic that would have occurred a year or so ago if I had to readjust something and move towards the camera while it was recording. Yes, we should always strive to be perfect. But, we should also improvise, adapt, and overcome.

[This is obvious in the first few seconds of the conversation.]

Any thoughts or suggestions about my most recent guest spot on Ring of Fire TV? Please do share as your insights are invaluable and very, very helpful.

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