Monday, September 14, 2015

My New Favorite Online Comment: "I Believe White Conservatives Love Blacks..."

I believe white conservatives love blacks. #Black lives MUST matter because white racist are completely obsessed with black people. I have never seen a group so preoccupied with another. White racist can give us black stats from the number on welfare to the number in prison, while graciously omitting their own. They can tell you the names, ages, even weights of every black shot in Chicago last week, which takes time away from them finding out how many white sex offenders live in their own neighborhoods. They will warn blacks by giving the murder rates of cities like Baltimore and Detroit, but selflessly won't worry about the white serial killers, family killers, school shooters, rampage shooters, rapist, drunk drivers, meth users / dealers / labs, and pedophiles next door. Now that is love and dedication.
Something to start the week.

I often lament the poor state of online public discourse. Trolls, bad behavior, and superficial chatter best suited for argumentative teenagers instead of substantive reflection and dialogue are often the norm and the rule. But there are moments when a real gem shines through the detritus, flotsam, and online mouth exhalations of the online commentariat-wannabe class.

I only borrow from the best. I am not sure if "Rob Knob's" comment on a story featured at Alternet is original, borrowed from someone else, or a synthetic result of reading many other insights and posts. Regardless of its origins, Rob's observation about the pathological obsession that white conservatives have with black people is so very sharp.

My mental Rolodex is now updated; an arrow has been added to the quiver.

Any online gems to share? What are your thoughts on the state of online commenting and discussion? Do you think that comment sections should be "turned off" given how the Right-wing, white supremacists, and others have managed to muck up and derail such spaces? Am I alone in feeling that "progressive" websites about "social justice" and "race" are particularly sub par in how they manage their comment sections?

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