Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Reason to Like Him: Have You Seen the List of Movies Screened by President Jimmy Carter While He was in the White House?

Something quick and fun for a Tuesday evening.

As I continue to ponder my birthday--thank you again to the kind folks who threw some money in the Paypal link with a kind note of birthday love and affection--I wonder, am I allowed to enter my "blue" period?

Artists, musicians, and serious writers go through phases that reflect their feelings about the world. Are humble political analysts and bloggers allowed to do the same thing? And because online writing is a type of journaling and public archiving, will I look back on these last few "momentous" days with embarrassment, saying to myself, "damn man! your ego and gray hair are getting to you! You can't go back into the Matrix! Deal with the world as it is!"

I talked to a random older man at Friday's restaurant about my birthday--Friday's is where all of the sages and oracles hang out by the way--and I was told to keep your eye on the big stuff, don't worry about the minor things, and manage what you can control. The kind gentlemen who shared those insights was 50-years-old. He then told me that I am still young and to get going on achieving my ultimate goals. He also said he is happy to be alive because when he was in his thirties he thought for sure he would be dead by 50.

The wisdom of the crowd.

I am going to eat my mix of sweet and hot sausages, lemon and tomato cous cous, and my piece of yummy garlic bread...as always accompanied by a can of Coke.

You may have also seen this story about the films shown in the White House by President Jimmy Carter. We often chat about popular culture here at Indomitable, and thought that I would share the link.

The list of movies show by Jimmy Carter at the White House also sparked a thought.

Jimmy Carter is one of my favorite Presidents of the United States. He was too good and smart a man to be president; history will remember him well. Reagan was the lying Hollywood pitchman dream merchant that America wanted. Reagan, however, was not the president that America needed.
Carter told us the truth. Reagan told us lies.

Politics as in life, many people prefer the ego gratifying lie--no, you haven't gained any weight; last night was the best sex I have ever had; you are my first, I never did this with anyone else before. Carter told it like it was and is.

I now have one more reason to respect and like President Jimmy Carter. You can learn a great deal about a person from their taste in movies. President Carter and I are lockstep in that regard.

Any surprises about Carter's taste in film?

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