Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We Need a New "Deacons for Defense": White Anti-Government Racist "Oath Keeper" Militias Intimidate Black Americans in Ferguson...Police Do Nothing

This is our America.

White Right-wing anti-government militias are allowed to intimidate Americans exercising their civil rights in Ferguson to protest.

Police do nothing.

We need a new Deacons for Defense folks. There are more than enough black American veterans who are legally allowed to open carry who could mirror and confront the Oath Keepers. We have more than enough white brothers and sisters on the right side of history who could do the same.

Black America has a long and proud martial tradition; we should run towards this history and not from it.

Rights are not restricted and limited to white, Right-wing, thugs and goons.

If black Americans were armed and exercising their civil rights to open carry the Ferguson police would respond with lethal force.

Moreover, if Ferguson is in a "state of emergency" why are white Oath Keeper anti-gov't racist militia types allowed to be in the area with loaded assault rifles and other weapons.

Where is the F.B.I.? Where is the State Police? Where is the A.T.F.?

Creeping and present fascism.

Is this 1885 or 2015? And even more surreal, a black man is President of the United States and a black woman is the Attorney General.

Never forget the proud martial tradition of Black American armed self-defense and great men such as Robert F. Williams.

Where are the new "negroes with guns?"

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