Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He is Fit to Lead: An Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump About the Power of His Appeal, "Black Lives Matter", and Illegal Immigration

The INN (Indomitable News Network) works hard to bring you, our readers, the stories and information that you cannot find anywhere else. In the 8 years since our founding, we have had the good fortune to bring you candid interviews with such public figures as Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson and Pat Buchanan. Some of our greatest coups have involved exclusive interviews with such personalities as Glenn Beck's ill-fated Blackboard. And of course, the one and only Brother X-Squared made his Internet debut with INN

INN has scored a coup, a conversation with the most dynamic, popular, and dangerous man in American politics today, the one and only Republican 2016 presidential candidate and current primary front-runner Mr. Donald Trump.


INN: Why should the American people elect you to be President?

Trump: I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. Period. I am the man of the hour! I have the power! The American people are simply acknowledging the obvious.

INN: Why did you kick Jorge Ramos, the reporter from Univision, out of your press conference yesterday?

Trump: Do you know what respect is? Do you have any manners? Don’t you understand that when you are in the company of greatness that you need to act accordingly? He is not a credit to his people. The good Spanish speaking people all over the world love me. They are used to respecting royalty. Like Cortes, Queen Isabella, the Incas and Aztecs, Hispanics understand power and strength. Who else can stand up to men like Putin or Iran? Me that’s who.

If you are going to be in America learn to speak English. We don’t need your anchor babies dragging down this great ship of state, the greatest country on Earth, the amazing U. S. of A!

INN: What are some specifics regarding how you would fix America’s immigration problems?

Trump: First of all. They are illegal aliens. They don’t belong here. This is my yard. This is America’s yard. You don’t step foot in my home uninvited. A man has a castle. He defends it. Protecting this great country is no different. I would build a wall, then a moat, then put soldiers on the other side with guns. If you somehow survive that gauntlet of pain I will be there waiting. All those illegals from Mexico and other hellholes in South America will have to fight me. I will beat the hell out of them personally and send them back to whatever place they came from. Once I deal with those illegals we won’t have any anchor baby problems because those Mexicans and other illegals will be so damn afraid of me when I am President that they will crawl back up into their mother’s wombs.

INN: What of ISIS? China’s economy? Their trade imbalance with the United States? Currency manipulation?

Trump: Our country is run by a bunch of idiots. These problems are simple. The Chinese are taking food of our plates and money out of our pockets. They are a devious group of people. I understand how to beat them. ISIS is devious too. They know how to manipulate and intimate the weak effete sissies who are in the White House and the State Department. I will teach all of America’s enemies about pain. I will teach respect. I will teach them about fear. It is that simple.

INN: Why do so many people support you? You are getting thousands, tens of thousands of people at your events?

Trump: Millions actually. Get it right. I am the hottest thing going today. Period. Everywhere I go, I am loved. I can’t even walk down the street without being mobbed. I fly in a helicopter so that the people have someone to look up to. The people of America, the smart people and not the weak losers who support Obama and the Democrats, and the so-called Republicans who dare to step on the stage with me…God I am surprised those cuckold pansy weak wristed Republicans like Jeb Bush and Rubio and Walker, can even breathe near me. My greatness and the applause of the people just takes the air out of a room. Feel my arm. Don’t you feel that? The steel! Look at my chest. See that, those are the muscles of a man who is fit to lead.

Look at me, my watches, my cars, my buildings, who wouldn’t want to be me. Haters, jealous. I have the 25 pounds of gold on my wrist and around my waist.

The American people have good taste. That is why they love me.

INN: Some among the media and in the public feel that you are too extreme to be President of the United States?

Trump: Extreme! I am not extreme! They just want blood. They want to see people suffer. They want to see me, Donald Trump, go to the extreme against Hillary, or whatever other loser who should get back into the kitchen or to their fainting couch, instead of daring to step up against me. I am a humanitarian. I am not hardcore. I am a nice person. People love me.

The other people running for office? They aren’t tested like I am. I have succeeded in every endeavor I have put my mind to. If they push me, if the media like Fox News—who are traitors by the way, I made them rich and famous not the other way around—want me to be extreme I will offer them redemption through violence. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

INN: Let me push you a bit harder on that.

Trump: Be careful.

INN: What about your exchanges with Megyn Kelly? Your habit of calling women names? Are you a sexist? Women are half of the American public. If you keep insulting them, how can you win?

Trump: Women love me. Ask all of the women who I have made rich. I don’t hate women. I think women are strong. Women love an alpha male, the big dog in the yard, the man with the 10 pound cohones and grapefruits. Those hags and heifers, mules actually, are just jealous of real women who know what it is like to be with a real man. Those women and those sissy men who complain about the fact that I tell the truth need to swap roles. Put the men in the dresses where they belong! Those women who complain about me telling the truth are just jealous. They want to be with me. They want Donald Trump on their arm and in their bed. The men who hate on me are jealous too. They just want to be me. Funny thing there is no way they can measure up, not using the metric system, Arab numerals, Roman numerals, or anything else!

INN: At some of your rallies people have chanted white supremacist slogans, the other day two of your supporters attacked a homeless man who they thought was an “illegal alien”. What are your thoughts on this?

Trump: I am electric. The people are feeling my energy. It is a wave. They are riding its crescendos. When water boils you may get burned! If someone isn’t strong enough or tough enough to get out of the way whatever happens is all their fault anyway. If you can’t stand the heat you best get out of the kitchen. If you can’t stand up and fight like a man don’t complain when you get steamrolled.

INN: A final question. What are your thoughts on the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

Trump: Never heard of them. They sound like a bunch of losers to me anyway. I only deal with the best. The top of the pile. Those who have paid their dues to get to the mountaintop. I sit on top of the throne at the highest level. Low level players? If someone tried to take the mic from me like those “cry baby boo hoo the cops are mean to me loser coward mouth breathing haters that want handouts instead of earning everything in life" like I did, I would stretch them out, tie them up like a pretzel, and make them beg for mercy. They would be begging and pleading for someone’s life to matter. Their own.

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