Monday, April 27, 2015

C2E2 2015: Chauncey DeVega Speaks With Max Brooks and Bill Willingham about 'The Harlem Hellfighters' and 'Fables'

This special episode of the podcast known as The Chauncey DeVega Show features two conversations from Chicago's 2015 Comic and Entertainment Expo.

The first conversation is with Max Brooks.

He is the author of the zombie tome and landmark work World War Z. His most recent project is the graphic novel The Harlem Hellfighters. It explores the history of one of America's most storied combat units and how their struggle for dignity and honor in the face of Jim and Jane Crow America is one of the most important, yet little known, histories of the colorline in the United States.

Max Brooks and Chauncey chat about the challenge of creating a graphic novel that also tries to be historically accurate where possible, Will Smith's adapting The Harlem Hellfighters as a Hollywood project, the epic book World War Z, and favorite reads from his childhood.

The second conversation features Bill Willingham.

He is the the author of such comic book series as the multiple Will Eisner award-winning series Fables, as well as Jack of Fables, Elementals, and Fairest.

Bill Willingham and Chauncey talk about the narrative arc of Fables, Bill's patience and generous listening to fans of his work, how Fables is an insight into his personal values, and offers some wisdom and advice for journeyman writers, artists, and other folks who want to work as professionals in the comic book industry.

This episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show with Max Brooks and Bill Willingham from C2E2 2015 can be listened to below or "watched" on the official Youtube channel for

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joe manning said...

I checked out some of the graphic art of Brooks and Willingham. Its really impressive. They help us get in touch with our inner kid and open up whole new worlds. Listening to creative folks is revolutionarily stimulating. The utopian possibilities that sci-fi opens up makes hope spring eternal.

Re: the Armenian genocide. Perhaps Turkey follows the 1984 model of denial of atrocities and the US operates according to a Brave New World scheme of strategic leaks. Different models of social control designed to achieve the same end, and with lots of overlap. I can see why Brooks likes the latter model as it provides more popular topics but the 1984 model is no less provocative judging from Turkish art and drama.

chauncey devega said...

Willingham was very kind and gracious. Amazing talent. Brooks was cool to. Always nice to be to talk w. folks whose work you admire. You would likely enjoy Fables and Jack of Fables. Both are so smart and sharp.

Scopedog said...

A little late to this, but have you seen this Chauncey?