Sunday, April 12, 2015

'F**ck Your Breath!' A Slogan For America's Cops

This is a tired and broken record.

As such, let us complicate the narrative a bit.

An unarmed black man named Eric Harris was "accidentally" killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eric Harris was unarmed.

Eric Harris's death was recorded on video.

As he laying dying, pleading for his life and some assistance, a Tulsa cop told him to "fuck your breath".

There is a technical term for the Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer's "error" in shooting Eric Harris with his pistol instead of a somewhat less than always lethal taser: it is called "slips and capture".

I kid you not.

Interestingly, white men such as James Holmes who hurt and kill dozens of people in mass shootings are somehow captured alive.

But, black men who are unarmed are routinely killed by America's police.

How do we explain this fact?


INDYOO7 said...

The interesting thing about this latest shooting is the officer was 73 years and can heard apologizing for shooting the man. You literally can't make this sh*t up.

kokanee said...

I have a really bad feeling about this incident. Just as the murderers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice escaped criminal charges embolden police officers like Michael Slager to murder unarmed black men like Walter Scott so too will the "accidental" killings of Akai Gurley and Eric Harris embolden police officers to murder black men if the police officers in question escape criminal charges. Imagine if police officers simply say "I'm sorry" after committing murder and then escape conviction for so much as gross negligence. Like I said, I have a bad feeling about this...

Gable1111 said...

"Slip and capture" is but yet another ridiculous attempt to explain away this behavior to excuse it.

The other day the irrelevant, but for Fox, Geraldo Rivera explained that Scott's running caused Slager's "blood to boil" and when that happens, it cannot be murder because when a white man's (yes, white man; when have you ever heard such nonsense offered up even in cases of a black person being tried even in clear cases of self defense?) blood is a boiling, he is not responsible for whatever he does.

The purpose of these "explanations" fits in with the crap of people like Gutfield, who says blacks shouldn't be angry at these incidents. And why not? According to these people we're not human beings anyway. Our blood cannot "boil."

Gable1111 said...

Call me cynical but I got a bad feeling about it as well. Slager's new attorney is one who specializes in defending cops in cases like this, and given his record and the history of juries being reluctant to indict, let alone convict, odds are Slager will walk on a straight acquittal or a plea deal in which he avoids jail time.

I do believe the city will end up settling with the family in a civil trial. Unlike in the case of Ferguson officials, at least they have been willing to exhibit some sense of humanity and empathy towards the family.

But all of that is little consolation to the Scott family, I'm sure. Not to mention the rest of us who are just sick and tired of this stuff.

Anne O'Nimmus said...

Chauncey, you've gotta see the videos at the link! This guy, a self-proclaimed redneck former racist cristallizes everything you've been saying for years passionately and articulately:

INDYOO7 said...

I saw it. He has pissed off a lot of people by letting that cat out of the bag.

Nick said...

Chauncey - a few days ago you posed the question "How will White Conservatives Defend The Killer Cop Who Shot Walter Scott." In the comments, some folks pointed out that it wouldn't be long before Mr. Scott's background was shredded and he was embedded in the "monstrous black male" narrative.

They were absolutely correct.

Since then, racist conservatives (probably an oxymoron) have resorted to their usual despicable dogma of deflection - the notorious "WAIT FOR/ASSESSMENT OF THE FACTS," i.e. in which they analyze every minutiae of the "controversial" incident in order to scrape up some kind of legitimate excuse for the objectively inexcusable actions of the officer, as if police officers are flawless individuals who exist in some fantasy land of "goodness" totally separate from the biases of the society they live in.

See the following "explanation" below, in which some self-righteous twit (and poor crafter of argument) has decided that Slager should be acquitted because Mr. Scott tried to take his taser (as Slager was trying to taser him, this is not surprising), and because of some imaginary conspiracy to activate the "Black Grievance Industry." The punishment for this, in the eyes of this individual, is apparently an utterly callous and disrespectful execution. The time it took this person to dream up and piece together this breathless defense of an unfeeling murderer is all the evidence we need to know that black people in this country, and black men in particular, are the collective bogeymen of white America, that their deaths are simply the result of an inherent criminality, and can never be labeled unjust.

Nick said...

I realize my comment isn't directly related to the murder of Eric Harris, but the point being that the same tactics used to discredit the obvious truth in the Walter Scott murder will undoubtedly be deployed here. We need only wait.

DanF said...

"But, black men who are unarmed are routinely killed by America's police.

How do we explain this fact?"

That was a rhetorical question, right?

OldPolarBear said...

Talk about blood boiling -- I can hardly describe the depth of antipathy I feel for that POS Geraldo Rivera. I always thought he was a stupid clown, but that turned into disgust, contempt and revulsion. Fortunately, I rarely watch TV anymore so I don't see him because I would want to reach through the screen and punch his smarmy face.

OldPolarBear said...

Chauncey, and All,

I suppose you may have seen by now the video of the brawl in the parking lot of the Cottonwood, AZ WalMart. Eight white people start whaling on some cops responding to a call of an assault on a WalMart employee, and the cops don't even draw their weapons until one of the brawlers get one of the cops' weapons and shoot him. Cops end up shooting one of the eight people.

Gable1111 said...

I saw it, and it was amazing. Those white "Christians" had to brawl and fight with the cops and take a gun for real before one of 'em got shot. Had they been black it would have been a "riot" and wouldn't have gotten that far before the cops started "fearing for their lives."

Issac Abrams said...

If that's the case then anybody can use the ;blood boiling " excuse when they get angry and murder someone