Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On this Christmas 2014 Geordi LaForge Gets a Jerri Curl While Arnold and John Milius Watch Conan the Barbarian as Bill Murray Serenades Us With Kung Fu Christmas Before Redd Foxx Exposes the Whole Facade

I do hope that you have a nice and relaxing Christmas holiday. Those of us who are not Christians, are other types of "non-believers", pagans, Force users, do not practice magical thinking, and/or are Festivus-followers can still enjoy the movie A Christmas Story.

Here are some assorted popular culture gifts from me to you this Christmas 2014.

Do be well, happy, at peace, rest, eat sleep inducing food and drink, and have no shame if you fall asleep on your couch, futon, floor, in a bathtub, or other chosen place of rest after completing the act of gastronomical coitus.

This Christmas 2014, Geordi LaForge of Star Trek: The Next Generation gets a jerri curl:

While Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Milius do a commentary for their never to be equaled in greatness movie Conan: The Barbarian:

Then Redd Foxx tells us the truth about Christmas:

And Bill Murray proceeds to sing us all a song by the name of Kung Fu Christmas:

Virtual hugs and greetings to you all!


OldPolarBear said...

That yellow and green sweater-T combo Geordi has on is pretty snazzy. I wouldn't mind having one of those, in 4X.

chauncey devega said...

Me too! Sorry for the delayed response. How was your holiday, New Year, and 2014 in review? Plans for the future?