Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White Privilege 101: Watch as a White Man Makes a Citizen's Arrest of a Cop...and isn't Killed

What are some other activities that we can add to the "yes, for white folks" and "hell no for black and brown folks!" list?

Former Washington state congressional candidate, Gavin Seim, a white Republican and "liberty speaker" (I think this means that he publicly masturbates with the U.S. Constitution before groups of aged neo-fascists and Glenn Beck fans...to the degree they can be separated from one another) recorded himself confronting, and subsequently making a "citizen's arrest" of a police officer who was sitting in an unmarked car.

White privilege is many things. First and foremost, in the era of Stand Your Ground laws and the militarization of police, white privilege is the reasonable expectation that you can confront the cops and not be shot dead on the spot for doing so.

Black and brown folks most certainly do not have that luxury.

Gavin Seim acted with the assumed knowledge and expectation that he is a full citizen and member of the American polity with rights that are to be respected.

In theory, all Americans, across the color line, have the right to confront and monitor the police. In practice, white supremacy deems that black and brown folks do not have rights that white people en masse are obligated and bound to respect. Micro aggressions, civic disrespect, and second class tiered citizenship are all too common and day-to-day experiences for people of color in the United States.

The white privilege follies continue onward. We can add making a citizen's arrest of a police officer to the list of things that white folks can do that black and brown folks best not ever try if they want to escape with their freedom and health intact.

What are some other activities that we can add to the "yes, for white folks" and "hell no for black and brown folks!" list?


Gable1111 said...

This is incredible...if you were black trying this you'd have to be a cat, because you'd need every one of those nine lives and then some to survive this encounter.

The Pumpkin Fest Riot was one thing, but this is a clinic in the benefits of white privilege. Only a white man could get away with this.

SW said...

I can appreciate the spirit of what Seim is trying to do here. He's asserting himself as a citizen with the ultimate jurisdiction to uphold the laws of the state.

It may actually be quite helpful for other citizens to be as informed as Seim, and moreover to pursue the illegal actions of police everywhere with the same vigor shown in this video. Especially those who are finding it increasingly necessary to shoot young black men and teenagers.

Instead what we see is a citizenry that is more likely to support the actions of over-zealous police when they over-police black and brown people.

This is in no way a statement to support Mr. Seim or his politics. It is simply my assessment of what I'm seeing in the video you shared.

On to your question regarding what are some other activities that white privilege doesn't allow black people to undertake. I actually am having a hard time thinking of specific activities, because lately just being black has been enough to get you killed. What were the "hell no" activities that Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and most recently Vonderrick Myers were doing that ultimately led to their killing. Walking.

DanF said...

A simple banking example:

My personal checks are likely to be accepted everywhere with proper ID.

The more rural the area, the more likely my personal checks are to be accepted without proper ID.

chauncey devega said...

That is a great one too. We know more about discrimination w. mortgages and lending, but the day to day harassment (checking ID to use credit cards, your example) are also relevant to for non-whites.

chauncey devega said...

Black or brown doing this mess? You would be dead. No question about it.

chauncey devega said...

I am a firm and solid believer in monitoring the police. As you pointed out, the fact is that only a white person could get away with this. Moreover, only a white person with a certain bearing and perceived "class" status too.