Saturday, August 23, 2014

Semi-Open Thread: Will I Need My 'Stree Overlord' Sex Enhancement Pills at Chicago Comic Con 2014?

Earlier today, I stopped by Chinatown in order to buy some candy to snack on while at Chicago Comic Con 2014. In the store that sells the overpriced ginseng, assorted teas, candies, and scary looking things in glass jars embossed with  labels and price tags that were written in Chinese, I discovered the Stree Overlord super sex power pills.

They cost 30 dollars. One can buy them online for far less. Price gouging offends me on principle even as the copyright infringing logo of Street Fighter 2 characters engaged in vigorous coital thrusting intrigues me. I wonder if Stree Overlord will have a powerful placebo effect--or alternatively cause a priapism--on its users? I will leave such discoveries to other, more brave explorers.

[In middle school, I knew such a courageous young man. He used "Spanish fly" with one of his conquests. Several weeks later, he complained that his "dingus" was burning. Our Lothario attributed such pains to the Spanish fly; we all know that the root of his complications lay elsewhere.] 

Stree Overlord sexual enhancement pills make me smile. I am a big kid. There is much ghetto nerd energy channeled by them. Alas, I do not not need such aids. My Ming the Merciless power potion is more than enough to arouse my aging lingam.

Moreover, I am attending Chicago Comic Con 2014 because of the kind friends of this site: thus, I will receive my fill of ghetto nerd energy in other ways. I have already thanked folks for their kind donations via email. Now, I would like to publicly thank those good, kind, generous, and supportive folks who threw some money into the donation bucket to send me to Chicago Comic Con 2014. I would also like to give a more general "thank you" to all of the folks who have ever donated to, commented on, or shared my work here on WARN or elsewhere. Your support is very much appreciated.

I will be recharging my batteries this weekend. I will post some photos of the event on Sunday or Monday. I have my fancy pink linen eating shirt, white linen pants, and fancified summer walking shoes ready for Sunday's Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion event. I can't wait to see William Shatner moderating a panel with all of the Trek: TNG cast. Awesomeness awaits me.

As is our weekend habit, do treat this as a semi-open thread to share and discuss whatever issues of public or private concern that you would like to offer up. I will be checking in from time to time. But, most of my energy will be spent on people watching, going to discussions, and having other assorted fun at Chicago Comic Con 2014.

There is also an Outback Steakhouse near the convention center that is hosting Comic Con. I love me some Outback. I consider it one of the jewels of the mid-tier American dining pyramid. It is below Maggiano's but distinctly better than Friday's. While there, I will relish my chicken wings, a steak and shrimp combo, and several margaritas in honor of the friends of We Are Respectable Negroes.



kokanee said...

Re: Last post
Very emotional. Tugs at my heart strings. Well done.

Re: sex enhancement pills and aging lingam.
TMI but they say you don't have to need them to love them!

Re: Comic Con
I'm a bit of a Trekkie myself.


Re: Open thread

The Racist Roots of Gun Control:
(The conclusion is a non sequitur but the article is otherwise good.)

Southern rock's passion and romance is marred by racism and bigotryIt embraced black soul music – but couldn't divorce itself from the prejudices of the south:

THE RACIAL DIVIDE; As Black Men Move Into Middle Age, Dangers Rise:

Armed Resistance In The Civil Rights Movement:
(I'm a proponent of non-violent protests but neither do I feel that I'm looking down the barrel of a gun. For now.)

The Collapse Of Black Wealth (Can I add "In the age of Obama?"):

Miles_Ellison said...

Erectile dysfunction pill packaging based on a legendary arcade fighting game. Ain't American black market consumption porn wonderful? What's next, sex lube packaged with pornographic Scooby Doo imsgery? Condoms with nude pictures of Betty Rubble?

chauncey devega said...

Just trying to keep on keeping on. How are you?

chauncey devega said...

Now that would be a great seller! I was thinking of Voltron. Your idea is better!

chauncey devega said...

The mess keeps piling on w. the more we learn about those corrupt cops. All of this is predictable.

chauncey devega said...

I will cosplay at c2e2 next year. Don't want to give away my costume yet.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

I'm guessing you had no luck in romance this weekend, unless your friend enjoys reading your blog and the commentary ;)

kokanee said...

I'm good and yet I suffer from all the suffering around me. I was lucky. Not so long ago I didn't know if I was going to "make it."

Enough about me. How was Comic Con? Cosplay next year looks like a blast too!

kokanee said...

Here we go again:

James Estrada-Scaminaci III said...

Hope you enjoyed the ComicCon. From Crooks and Liars, a story about the police in South Carolina beating a man senseless in Walmart because he may have been drunk or on drugs. All this was after being tasered and subdued. The story closes, "All we can say at this point is that this guy was lucky he was white - Otherwise, they may have "served and protected" him into a casket." Video at

Courtney H. said...