Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Myth of the Liberal Media: John Boehner's Lawsuit Against President Obama is Driven by Racism and White Supremacy. Why Are the News Media Talking Heads Afraid to State This Plain Fact?

Speaker of the House John Boehner's lawsuit against President Barack Obama is driven by racial animus and white supremacy. Boehner's efforts to comply with the racist Tea Party and other herrenvolk elements in the Republican Party--to the degree they can be separated--will be used as cover for his unfounded claim that Obama is acting in an "illegal" fashion.

Political ideology cannot be separated from attitudes about race and racism; partisan politics is racial politics. Here, a black man cannot continue with the long standing tradition that is the Imperial Presidency. The claim that Obama has used executive authority in some extraordinary and extreme manner is a lie.

John Boehner is a racist because he is a leading member of a white racist organization called the Republican Party. Boehner is also a racist because he is making a "tactical choice" to defer to one of the most white supremacist and white identified elements of the Republican Party, one that operates under the nom de guerre of the "Tea Party".

Continually discussing the union of conservatism and white supremacy in form of the Tea Party GOP is tedious and tiresome. Moreover, it is a sad thing when a fictional TV character such as Tony Soprano is far more honest about the reality of the color line than are the United States' media and political elites.

As such, I do wish that Boehner and other Right-wing elites would be more direct and transparent.

They could save the American people and media much energy and time by directly stating that they hate the fucking ape Barack Obama, the country's first Black President by calling him a nigger on live TV announcing that he is not eligible to hold the Office of the President because his melanin count is too high, and thus Obama is existentially unfit to be the leader of what they deem as the White Man's country.

Unfortunately, white conservatives are enabled in their anti-black and brown racism by the cover and protection often afforded to them by white liberals.

Most white folks on both the Left and the Right are invested in protecting white privilege and white supremacy.

As such, and they do this in different ways, many white liberals and conservatives deny the reality that American society is structured around maintaining and protecting white power. In adhering to this script, the bar is made so high for what constitutes white racism and white racist behavior that only the most extreme examples such as KKK members and Neo Nazis are included in that category.
In "post racial" America, no members of normal society would want to be marked as racists.

Consequently, racism denying, as well as deflecting charges of white racism and white supremacy, are a coordination game played by white folks on both sides of the ideological divide. Ultimately, this choice is a self-serving and dirty bargain that hurts the Common Good.

The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman is a smart and sharp analyst of American politics. However, his recent interview on MSNBC's show "Hardball" was a great lesson in how the ostensibly "liberal" media will go out of their way to talk around how movement conservatism and the Republican Party are driven by white supremacist madness to oppose and fight Barack Obama.

It would be an easy thing for Howard Fineman to say that John Boehner's lawsuit against Barack Obama is motivated by racism. Instead he dances like a comedian performing on top of a small table with four wobbly legs at a dingy Southern juke joint where the performers are paid in cheap beers.

What are Howard Fineman and other members of the "liberal" commentariat afraid of?


Scopedog said...

Well put, Chauncy.

I'd say Chez Pazienza said it best some months back--themedia, the GOP, and some on the Left should just get some guts and just finally come out and call Obama a lazy nigger and be done with it. Enough with the dog whistles and code words.

joe manning said...

Said law suit is a racial slur writ large and the pundit's ignoring of it exposes the ugly white supremacist contract between the upper class and working class whites, that is the glue of social stratification, that conservatives and liberals alike jealously guard. Their ignorance on the matter has convinced nobody as when Rehnquist denied knowledge of his having signed racial covenants. If they get some right wing federal judge to hear the case his ruling will likely be in "certiorari" which denies precedent like the 2000 Bush v Gore election decision, lest the Imperial Presidency be weaken in any way; the better to wage war with impunity.

chauncey devega said...

That is funny. Can someone write some old school BASIC command or logic rules for that output?

chauncey devega said...

The Black President double standard. Obama's treatment should be a premier and up front lesson in white privilege and white racism. Instead. crickets. Your point on the bargain is spot on.

SabrinaBee said...

It truly is something to behold. I too watch these shows and wonder just how hard it is to call things the way they are. Tonight, I watched as one woman tried to tie the IRS "scandal" to Obama's administration. She was clearly just saying whatever the prescribed message was and at first it seemed as if Kornecki was going to challenge her. Then she said the IRS has a history of being beholden to dems and... crickets. I couldn't believe he let that slide without a challenge of proof to back the claim up. But, he did.

Another obvious point which is never stated, if an organization's motto is 'taxed enough already,' which implies that they have a problem with paying taxes, the IRS would be inept if they did not scrutinize those entities, given their jobs are based around tax collection.

In reality president Obama is their own wet dream. He's certainly done more to further right wing goals than he has done on the left side of the spectrum. At the very least, he has done very little to reverse what they have already set in place.

Nina Flowers said...

Anything to get away from legislating. There were not even crickets being heard when the GW Bush Administration made recess appointments, et al. Are those actions (and those of previous administrations) now retroactively illegal?

Stephen Kearse said...

"The White Right has been mixing bleach and ammonia in a bathtub and huffing it everyday." This sentence is perfect. I wish WARN had a resident cartoonist. An image of this would be iconic.

chauncey devega said...

Me too? Any takers? Maybe I need to do a post soliciting some?

skilletblonde said...

Let’s make it perfectly clear. The Mainstream Media has never been a friend to African Americans. If they were, we would not be having this conversation. Several days ago the Mainstream Media aired the 40 million dollar settlement approved by the New York Controller for the Central Park Five. Compared to the avalanche of vilification and demonization these young men received from the MSM, their exoneration and the injustice of it all…was a mere blip. This has been the tactic of the media since discovering the power of image in a racist society. The heinous lynching of Henry Smith in 1893 marked the tipping point in America when lynching black people became a commercially promoted event. The technology of the times newspapers, photographs, leaflets, (you know, respectable businesses), promoted these violent spectacles as family entertainment.

This same Modus Operandi of the MSM is still in operation. And with 24 cable networks, satellites, hate radio and the Internet,
it is far more lethal and insidious. Like days of old, there are two types of alleged black criminality the MSM employs when encouraging the lynch mob mentality of Whites. The one that makes the media mouth drool with delight is when a black man is accused of raping or killing a white woman. The next is when a black man threatens a white man by occupying his space; for
example, President Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin. Of course the second one is not a crime at all, but it is… when your skin is black.

In the age of the presidency of Barack Obama, new media policies have been created just for him. And God, they look like the same old racists tactics utilized when covering black people. You are allowed to appear on the billion dollar conglomerates called the Mainstream Media to defame and lie on President Obama without consequences. The lies will be propagated as truth. And just like the lies that have lead to black people getting lynched, the lies about President Obama have made him the target of unprecedented death threats. There is no penalty for damage the lies cause. Just ask the remaining King Children? There was no logical reason for the assassination of Martin Luther King. None! President Obama may no be perfect, but he has done nothing to deserve this kind of depraved viciousness. Yet, in spite of this country’s history of presidential and black leader assassinations, the media keeps moving the dial toward nuclear.

Another tactic the media created in the age of Obama is the new office of Co-Presidency and Co-Vice-Presidency. The candidates that ran against the President, and lost, have been elected as co-presidents and co-vice-presidents by the MSM. This is why Geritol John McCain, Mittens Romney, Sarah Palin, and Paul Ryan are invited to analysis President Obama. Never mind the fact that- not only did they lose the elections, they have been wrong about everything. Of course the media never questions this. But they didn’t stop there. They did something I’ve never seen before; they brought the President’s predecessors on. This includes George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney. One can only come to one conclusion here; Racism!, Racism!, Racism!.

Stephen Kearse said...

Maybe. I'm sure they're out there.