Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brother X-Squared Has Returned: What Would a Radical Black Nationalist Say About the Superbowl and Barack Obama's State of the Union Speech?

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our long-running series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, President of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, scholar, philosopher, and visionary thinker. He is a titan in the history of Black America and American arts and letters.

In this newest interview, Brother X-Squared has returned to share his thoughts about the Superbowl game between Denver and Seattle, President Obama's State of the Union Speech, and to reflect on the death of the great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

WARNNN: It is a pleasure to speak with you Brother X-Squared. We last spoke several months ago and you promised to return more frequently. I am so happy that you have found the time to bless us with an interview. Every American is caught up in Superbowl fever. You know I am a New England Patriots fan. So I will be watching just for the commercials. Who are you picking to win the game? And what projects have you been working on these past months?

Brother X-Squared: Weakness is a trait that is most becoming of you. You know my thoughts about organized sports where the white man reaps all of the rewards and he throws down crumbs from his plantation box--what you lost souls call the "owner's box"--down onto his little slaves running about like they are buck-dancing and prancing about for his pleasure. Commercials are a way of programming your mind state to give your money to this corrupt casino capitalist game of false desires that are based on evil and wicked mind manipulation brought to this country by the master propagandists of Nazi Germany and those who trained in its schools and universities!

WARNNN: I know you are one for hyperbole. But you must find some joy in the spectacle of the Superbowl? The music, the competition?

Brother X-Squared: Does a wet crow facing due east over a field of cotton fear for his safety while he sleeps at night in a tree?

WARNNN: Again, your riddles confuse me.

Brother X-Squared: You, like these other lost negroes in America, were born confused and upended. Dogs have the good sense to orient themselves to magnetic North for purposes of health and peace while emptying their bowels. You lost sad negroes in America are not even that smart!

Even more so on this Superbowl day. I have taught you so much Brother Chauncey just to realize that you do not yet have the mental training to comprehend it.

So the answer is no! I do not find any pleasure in this new version of what was called midnight madness when the whites would be blood crazed and chase down and murder innocent black people for sport!

Do you even have any idea of the abomination you are witnessing at this year's white man's super scatology bowl? Is your mind even able to comprehend the ugly truth of what is occurring?

WARNNN: Anticipating your answer, are you going to explain the metaphysical and historical symbolism of the teams' respective names? The Broncos, with their horses and cowboy theme, being a slap in the face to the Hispanic, First Nations, black, and Asian cowboys who helped to "win the West". The Seahawks are an insult to our African ancestors who believed that they could escape the hell of the Middle Passage by committing suicide and then transforming into birds who would fly home to the motherland?

I think I am right because I have been reading your new book and...

Brother X-Squared: Shut up. In terms of understanding the wickedness of the Superbowl and the white man's evil more generally you are like that foolish Isaac Newton, high on drugs or drunk and sleepy from having carnal relations with a young child under a tree, having an apple fall on his head, and then coming to some type of "revelation" about gravity when such matters were long-understood by the African and Asian scientists who studied in Benin or Alexandria.

I am Albert Einstein on these matters. You are just waking up. Listen carefully. That stadium is likely built on a burial site for black slaves! We are discovering more and more of these places throughout the New York area!

That hellish New York was one of the largest slave ports in the colonies, bringing black human gold to power the white man's empire and industry! Black human property built this country, its roads, highways, colleges, and businesses. Today, million dollar slaves will play a game for white billionaire slave owners on top of the bones of our honored black ancestors. How many dead are buried in an around New York? Hundreds of thousands? Millions of our black ancestors killed by white slavers and their minion goons?

That NFL will be honoring some dead old white man named Vince Lombardi as some type of god or visionary because he let his little black pets marry white women and eat at the white man's restaurants. They need to have a special on all of the racism taking placing in their so-called Superbowl. As always truth is silenced.

WARNNN: So you will not be watching the game?

Brother X-Squared: I will be there.

WARNNN: Huh? You just said the game is a crime against humanity, yet, you are going to attend it?

Brother X-Squared: Sometimes a parent has to protect his child. A great general leads from the front. I have many white allies who support my cause. One of them has arranged for me to have all access passes to the Superbowl. I will be there, watching that human spectacle. I will be hovering in the shadows like the Bane character from that last Batman movie. One must sometimes see evil in person in order to be able to defeat it.

WARNNN: Switching gears. What did you think of President Obama's State of the Union Speech earlier this week?

Brother X-Squared: The state of this so-called union of lost negroes, criminal white trash tax evading European immigrants, and other people trapped here in Amerikkka is weak and dying! Obama, whose weak life force was diluted by his mother's lack of melanin, would never have the courage to tell you that. There was a smart white man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said that presidents of this damn country are not elected, No, they are selected!

The white man and the banksters and the plutocrats picked Obama to be the diluted black face of white empire. His State of the Union Speech reeked of their stink. He reinforced the weakness of his false economy with some crap called a "myIra". Some trick to help people who don't have money save that which they do not have. How are you going to get zero from zero? Zero times zero is still zero!

Plus, he wants those fools to loan even more money to this shattered house of cards called the U.S. Treasury. Empty it is! The truth that only an African centered economy based on gold and Brother X-Squared's teachings can save this country will never be accepted.

WARNNN: Obama did quickly mention the particular problems in the labor market experienced by young black and brown men and...

Brother X-Squared: Their problem is that they are expendable and exploitable labor. They are also felons who cannot get jobs. The white man had his chain gangs after slavery to put the black man and woman back in bondage. Now the white man's law reaches out and locks you up and then makes you a slave again. The ugly efficiency of the white man's evil is impressive. Obama spun other tricks in his speech. Your weak mind state was unable to detect it.

WARNNN: Obama then mentioned equal pay for equal work for women. I found that pivot very interesting given how women, white women in particular, have been the greatest beneficiaries of the Black Freedom Struggle's efforts to fight discrimination in the labor market.

Brother X-Squared: You are learning. Your eyes are opening. Very good. My suggestion that you take vitamin pills with biotin and charcoal is benefiting you. The poison is being flushed out of your mind. You have also been using the Yohimbe root, calcium, and echinacea root tea I sent you. Excellent. Now behold how a master explains Obama's dastardly move.

Black women are outperforming black men in the labor market and have done so for decades! Now Obama is encouraging a divide and conquer strategy where the black woman will have even more money than the black man! The black man will be even more emasculated! Then our black women--most of them also lost and corrupted by the white man's TV shows like The Housewives of Atlanta, Scandal, and other race minstrel detritus and toxins--will be even more compelled to lay with the white man as his New Age sapphire and race mixing harlots. There are strategies within strategies when dealing with the white man's boy prince in Obama. Wake up black people!

WARNNN: You sent me a message by carrier pigeon last week. You wanted to make sure we talked about the show My Strange Addiction. I like freak shows as you know. My Strange Addiction is something else.

Brother X-Squared: Something else being a deranged and vicious assault on the lost negro's mind state, self-respect, self-esteem, sanity, and piece of mind? Then yes it is! My Strange Addiction is evil. I would not be surprised if it was written and scripted by the KKK! What sick world is this where millions of people watch a black woman who eats urine stained diapers! Millions of people saw this perversity. 

Such a spectacle is doubly horrible because the black man and woman held in bondage was tortured by white slavers in such a way! The white man was so afraid of our truth that he would put feces, urine, or mud in the mouth of a slave to torture them! Now we have black women--who should be the queens and nurturers of a whole army of Nubian warriors for Brother X-Squared and the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party--willingly eating human waste. Fanon was right. The colonized mind is not easily freed. 

WARNNN: Damn. You are precise and efficient. Your mastery of history always impresses. I saw that and damn near threw up. Did you see the black man who ate plastic bags?

Brother X-Squared: I witnessed the abomination. He was of course marrying a white woman. Fitting then that such a lost negro would eat plastic bags as well. His madness is all encompassing. I have added My Strange Addiction to the official banned list of pro-white anti-black materials that members of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party are not permitted access to. I did watch those two shows you recommended.

WARNNN: Wow! What did you think of American Horror Story and Attack on Titan?

Brother X-Squared: American Horror Story is a beautiful depiction of the white man's evil. I have downloaded all of the episodes and we will be showing them to all of the children and young people beginning with the 5-year-olds. Attack on Titan will be shown to the adult learners. Its themes about the white man's carnality, twisted libertarian politics, and cowardice require that I offer a directed lecture for the thousands of my followers so that they can follow the show's themes properly.

WARNNN: American Horror Story is not for kids. Do you really want to show a very young child such a disturbing TV show?

Brother X-Squared: There are no children among the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party and the free Negroes of America! Did the Klan and the white slavers care about youthful innocence when they bashed, murdered, raped, and killed little black babies! No. In the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party, all of us are prepared for battle, be it physical or intellectual or spiritual!

You had best prepare your children the same way Brother Chauncey if you are so blessed as to reproduce and bring more planets into your orbit as a black man who is discovering his true status as a god descended from the heavens!

Evolution proves this. Even now white scientists are admitting that the white European was once a black man. Yakub conducted experiments that created a people that we know call "white". The truth is everywhere! The natural black man is divine. The white man is a mutant creation with his own chain of being and twisted, weak, and flaccid evolutionary path! The truth is glorious!

WARNNN: You always teach us something Brother X-Squared. What is the gem of knowledge for today?

Brother X-Squared: Man portable nuclear bombs! You see the black man is a natural dark matter reactor whose melanin and life force allows us to manipulate matter, time, and space. The white man has zero energy. No dark matter. During his "Cold War"--ice as in the coldness of his heart--he made nuclear bombs that could be strapped on his crazy soldiers! Imagine such evil. Those trained in the white man's universities talk about so called castration anxiety and penis envy as powerful drives behind the white man's behavior and hatred towards the black man. No! It is envy of our life force as demonstrated by his twisted and sick effort to threaten the world with his nuclear weapons that could be strapped around his body.

WARNNN: You wanted to end today's interview with a comment about the untimely death of the great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Brother X-Squared: Yes. I am very saddened by his passing. Mr. Hoffman was an ally and friend of my cause. He is one of the greatest of white actors. He was a master of stage and film. Philip was an expert in depicting the twisted ways of white people and the many deranged facets of Whiteness. His roles in The Master and also Boogie Nights are genius insights into the pathologies of the white race. I mourn his passing. At some point, the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party will be sponsoring a retrospective and conference on his contribution to the arts.

WARNNN: I know that you are in a hurry given that the Superbowl is about to begin. It was a pleasure.

Brother X-Squared: I am never in a hurry. Time bends to my will. Who knows, if you watch carefully you may see me in the shadows watching and studying the events on the field. I may even have a surprise in store for the viewers of the white man's "Superbowl" of wickedness courtesy of Brother X-Squared and the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.


kokanee said...

Gotta love Brother X-Squared!

Brother Chauncey --Do you feel schooled? Do you feel lucky that he talks to you?

I'm buying his book.

I'd like to pass along one piece of advice to Brother X-Squared: Don't discount the assimilation of the white man through interbreeding, after all the offspring of a "mixed-race" couple are black. ;)


Link: Why America is Still a Deeply Racist Country

chauncey devega said...

Brother X-Squared promised us all a surprise. Maybe he put salt peter in the Bronco's water and Gatoraid?

purveyor1 said...

Jeezus, that is a potent thought!

kokanee said...

Scares the bejesus out of you, doesn't it? ;)

purveyor1 said...

I just never thought about it on an emotional level. A half white slave was still a slave because, allegedly there was something unsavory about them…

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared. I have several books. I self-publish. I have no need or interest in supporting the white man's publishing houses!

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared.

For fun, you should read the slave codes and laws regarding miscegenation and race mixing across this hellish country's centuries of wickedness. A man or woman could walk ten feet across one state's border and than be magically transformed from black to white or white to black! Sick!

Myshkin the Idiot said...

America's children are indignant. They are upset their spectacle was not more entertaining for them. Possibly billions of dollars were spent last night for their entertainment, and somehow they were expecting more. Televisions ought to come with vibrators and flesh lights.

Hoffman was a great actor, however, until America begins to deal with its drug use, abuse, and addiction problem I cannot mourn the loss of our celebrities.

Brother X has an astounding perception. Your racist trolls tremble at his words as there is nothing they can do or say to sufficiently "put him in his place." I wonder if the black masses will pay for his insolence at their hands...

purveyor1 said...

I have a book, (read the book) that you may not have read? "Soul on Ice" by Eldridge Cleaver. I first read the book as a senior in high school, then later on in college but the book is powerful and honest from a Black man's perspective.


Buddy H. said...

Always good to hear from Brother X-Squared. I wonder if he is aware of stories about fentanyl-laced heroin making the rounds. It shuts down the respiratory system. At least a hundred have died in the last week. Did Hoffman score some? And was he the unintended victim of a poisoning plot directed at inner-city users?

Learning Is Eternal said...

I would love to SEE CDV & X-Squared, hour long panel discussion, TV format w/a few special guests sprinkled in here & there.

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared.
Your name is inspirational to all warriors and those who want to walk the correct way in the dark matter light of Brother X-Squared. I need no discussion with any moderatoror or guests. My wisdom is infinite. All others would be distractions from my energy. Plus, they could not survive being in such close contact with my truth. They would be blinded!

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared:
Brother Buddy you are a man of wisdom. You see the ugly logic. Just as the white man's CIA flooded black neighborhoods with crack he is using this new type of heroine--a horrible poison made by the white man's manipulation of the opium plant--to destroy white people. He will cull his own herd in order to survive. Beware him!

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared: Your observation about how the white man is using tricknology to even regulate and give pleasure through his box of lies is most perceptive. This virtual sex technology is real. It is a direct way of subverting those of us who have melanin power in our loins and globes of reproduction. We would of course short out and destroy such device hooked up to our most intimate parts. Such devices are for the weak white man whose sexual energy is non-existent.

chauncey devega said...

From Brother X-Squared. Soul on Ice is an excellent book. Study it. You should also medidate on the book White Racism: A Psychohistory. You are on the path to knowledge. Proceed with my blessings.

atil79 said...

Power to the People! I love hearing the wisdom and truth of Brotha X-Squared. We all live in a matrix and most of us will never truly open our eyes to the reality of the world we live in. I loved the quote from Franklin Roosevelt about presidents being selected and not elected. We do not and have never lived in a democracy. The true masters of this country have decided on America's fate long ago and its all becoming a reality in front of our very eyes and the people still do nothing. I can only hope we stand up for what is righteous and save our world before its too late!