Saturday, December 7, 2013

How Can You Resist Sending Them a Thank You Note on My Behalf? A Dollar for WARN's Annual Fundraiser is a Dollar That Raises the Ire of a White Supremacist

I would like to thank the kind people who have donated to We Are Respectable Negroes' annual fundraising drive. Your generosity is so very much appreciated and welcome. It really does encourage me forward in my writing here and elsewhere.

There is no such thing as bad press--to borrow from that cliche and truism. I have been lovingly mentioned by white supremacist websites on more than a few occasions. I also enjoy their literate and inspired hate mail. I use it as a model for my "fun with yellow journalism" essays.

Some of  our white supremacist--they call themselves "race realists"--friends at Mindweapons in Ragnarok were kind enough to show their displeasure towards my post in support of Professor Shannon Gibney and how neoliberalism is using white supremacy to destroy academic freedom while also reshaping American society to the further advantage of the 1%.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok appear to be oblivious to how the global power elite are using the white working class, and ginning up white racial resentment (and likely mobilizing white supremacists and the White Right) against people of color, to advance the former's hold on power and their efforts to further redistribute it upwards to them.

I am a self-interested agent. I love a bit of irony in my trouble-making too. I think it would be great fun if fans of WARN (and those who just like to mock white supremacists more generally) would throw some change into our annual fundraiser and then post a thank you note or quick comment to that end on the website Mindweapons in Ragnarok.


Bryan Ortez said...

gosh they know us so well. "They don’t think through their political views until it’s too late." I never realized I wasn't thinking critically about my political position.

I must be anti-white, which makes me anti-me. wow. I certainly have a lot to think about.

what a bunch of silliness.

chauncey devega said...

I will be having one of the founders of that aforementioned site as a guest for the podcast. Should be interesting.

Bryan Ortez said...

Should be interesting. I am becoming less and less interested in what folks like that have to say. I'm not sure what they expect in society, they're like a damn lynch mob.

Their stuff on the education thing, what on earth do students know about history, how can they demand what they should learn in school. ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure their story about Gibney got the class wrong. She is an English and African Diaspora professor, they said she was teaching an English class, therefore no need to discuss racism (whatever).

I'm pretty sure it was a communications class. If you don't think understanding race in society is important when going into the mass communications field, well... you might be Rush Limbaugh.

chauncey devega said...

As I promised here is the response/comment from one of the white supremacists who ironically donated to our fundraiser and who I will hopefully be chatting with very soon:

"I donated 10 bucks Chauncey. See how mad I am! Rar, I'm so angry!

Looking forward to our podcast chat!"

Bryan Ortez said...

this dude is a sicko.. just looked at some of their other posts.

truedat said...

As the neofeudal noose begins to tighten, and the power of the central government is curbed, you better hope that these alienated nerds are as powerless and incompetent as you ninnies who depend on the continued good graces of the leftist, feminist, homopositive elites who've systemically failed at good governance and integrative politics.